At Clay Dugas and Associates we room committed to help the victim of trucking mishaps receive the justice and also fair compensation they deserve for their injuries and property loss. However, the truth is the though lawsuits can go a long way toward righting some of the wrongs suffered by victims, major trucking crashes often leaving serious, long-term emotional or physics trauma the cannot be undone. Preventing a serious trucking accident in the an initial place is clearly the ideal scenario. That’s why we want to take this chance to notify our readers about the height 20 unsafe driving habits that result in advertising truck-passenger vehicle collisions. This data is native a report published by the commonwealth Motor transport Safety administration (FMCSA).

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The height 20 most dangerous driving behaviors that result in commercial truck-passenger automobile collisions room as follows beginning with the most usual cause and also descending in frequency.

Driving Inattentively – This includes activities such together texting and also driving, talk on the call or to passengers, driving if sleepy, or just taking eyes off the road. The bottom line is the inattention kills and also both truckers and also regular drivers alike need to remain vigilant at every times.Improper Merging – This occurs once a auto changes lanes improperly and also forces one 18-wheeler or commercial truck to swerve or brake quickly. It’s essential to realize the commercial trucks are extremely huge and call for much higher stopping distances and also lack lot of the maneuverability that smaller vehicles have.Failure come Stop – This occurs once either the 18-wheeler or passenger auto fails to protect against for a website traffic light or protect against sign. This can additionally occur as soon as a automobile attempts to go v an intersection on a transforming light or goes too early before the light completely changes.Failure to slow Down because that Construction – anywhere the US yet especially below in Texas that seems like roadwork and also construction are a permanent fact of life. Nobody likes being delayed as result of construction yet it is crucial to realize the driving too easily through construction zones deserve to risk lives.Driving also Fast – Speeding is among the most typical traffic violations and also just around everyone is guilty that it at once or another. However, speeding borders are put in place for a reason and failing to watch them can lead to disastrous consequences.Following too Closely – whether on the part of the trucker or the consistent motorist, adhering to too carefully can be a deadly mistake. Remember the commercial trucks are vast and drastically outweigh passenger vehicles. The is command to keep a safe distance.Failure come Observe environmental Conditions – As disputed above, speeding boundaries are collection in place for a reason; however, that is important to remember the they reflect boundaries while steering under right consequences. Rain, glaring sunlight, fog, and other momentary environmental problems necessitate drivers to sluggish down.Abrupt lane Changes – unexpectedly cutting in front of an 18-wheeler can spell disaster. Once again the is crucial to remember that large, heavy trucks have actually a much much longer stopping distance than smaller sized vehicles.Driving in remote Spots – Everyday motorists are regularly unaware the the very huge blind spots the all huge commercial trucks have. Driving because that too long in one of these remote spots can cause the trucker to forget about your presence and drive right into you. Watch our previous articles around 18-wheeler blind spots for an ext information.Unsafe Turning – turning too easily or through too little room have the right to easily an outcome in a major collision. This is particularly true for 18-wheelers who have actually much less maneuverability than smaller sized vehicles.Unsafe Passing – No one wants to wait behind a much slower vehicle, yet trying to weave in and out that traffic, especially if in an 18-wheeler or through one nearby, can easily an outcome in deadly or significant crashes.Insufficient Acceleration to get in Roadway – whether entering a freeway indigenous an on-ramp or turning onto a highway native a parking lot, failing come accelerate quickly enough have the right to put a motorist directly in the path of one oncoming advertisement truck that does not have the capability to safe brake.Driving when Intoxicated – Drunk or intoxicated driving, whether on the component of the continual driver or the trucker, proceeds to be a leading reason of preventable driving deaths and injuries.Changing Lanes followed by sudden Braking – A terrifying scenario have the right to unfold as soon as a drivers enters a brand-new lane of website traffic without realizing that there is an obstacle or delay in the new lane. This can result in suddenly braking, which as discussed above, is never ever a good set the circumstances once an 18-wheeler is involved. Constantly look ahead before changing lanes.Unsafe traffic Crossing – It can be frustrating wait for a rest in web traffic so the you have the right to get throughout the road or turn into a parking lot; however, taking a chance and crossing unsafely is a major cause of commercial van – passenger vehicle collisions.Entering opposing Traffic – regardless of the reason why that occurs, a automobile leaving its lane and also entering head-on website traffic is an completely terrifying event. Over there is regularly nothing the motorist in the exactly lane deserve to do however watch together the other vehicle strikes them. This is specifically horrifying if the is a huge 18-wheeler bearing down on you.Failing to permit Commercial van from Merging – no one likes to be cut-off, however if the is one 18-wheeler muscling its method into her lane the is vital to remember the the truck may not also see you because you might be in a blind spot. Don’t shot to save them out by increasing or closing a gap. That isn’t precious it.Commercial Trailer impede Roadway – Commercial van aren’t the just ones who deserve to have difficulty stopping suddenly. Offered the reality that advertising trucks often come with very long trailers attached it have the right to be fatal once a trucker attempts to overcome a high speed roadway unsafely and also winds up v their trailer directly in the path of a high speed motorist.Front or behind Collisions with 18-Wheelers When transforming Lanes – when again the is straightforward to forget just how large and lengthy an 18-wheeler is, particularly if friend are offered to driving around smaller vehicles. Remember the takes longer to happen or be passed through a long tractor-trailer and transforming lanes too soon can be deadly.Being to the appropriate of a truck Making a best Turn – This scary situation is frequently referred to as the “right-turn squeeze.” the occurs once a commercial van gets into the left lane of website traffic so the they can make a large right turn. Regrettably this temporarily leaves the appropriate lane empty and an unaware passenger vehicle may enter it no realizing the they are about to be in the route of the tractor-trailer.

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The scenarios discussed above are frightening and the tragic truth is that once one of this errors is made by the trucker, over there is frequently very little the regular motorist can do to protect against collision. However, while we cannot drown the pain and also damage resulted in by a severe crash through an 18-wheeler, Clay Dugas and also Associates is right here to help trucking victims get the justice and compensation they require to begin the healing the process.