Got a 6.5HP Briggs OHV that i think has a leaky oil seal on the exhaust valve.All my experience so much with Briggs has been v the enlarge flat-head (valves in block) design. This is my very first OHV. Haven"t studied the hand-operated yet for this -- can anyone define the procedure because that replacing the valve guide oil seals?Thanks,James

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I don"t recognize how many of these had actually exhaust valve seals. If i recall, occasionally they are noted as discretionary relying on build. Model and form #s might be helpful. OHV"s are straightforward to eliminate the valve springs and also can be excellent by your fingers. If you are steady enough, friend won"t have to hold the head of the valve. What reasons you to think you have a leaking valve seal?


Hi Tomplum,

I to be mistaken earlier, it"s the 6.75HP Intek sheet OHV. Version is either 110000 or 120000 (I"d walk to the garage and get the specific #"s if that wasn"t so late and cold ;).

We operation this mower quite hard, but with an extremely strict maintenance. The has about 270 hours on the engine now.When new, that would give the tiny puff that blue smoke on startup, then operation clean, and it supplied very tiny oil.

Now the puffs light blue smoke at irregular intervals, and also the oil level goes under slightly - requirements an add around every 5 hours. Starting is 1 traction quick and also reliable, and also the power is strong and flawless.You asked what renders me suspect a leaking oil seal. Let me bounce my monitorings off you and also see what girlfriend think.

We"re in texas, it s okay really warm here, wait cooled electric motors struggle to continue to be cool. Traction the blower housing off throughout a PM and found what looked choose too much grass debris packed about the head cooling fins, make me suspect it may have actually run too heat (which would degrade an oil seal). I pulled the the muffler and also peeked into the exhaust port, and saw the stem of the exhaust valve to be grungy with burned oil crud. Input vave stem on comparable exam was clean.I"m the one who provides this mower many now, and also I"m getting worn down of recording that whiff of burn oil. Burn gas smell - comforting, means profit :) burning oil odor -- troublesome, method expense :(

I"ve seen numerous of your articles here and also would respect her opinion. Thanks and take care.


If you were up because that it, obtain a headgasket set w/ the seals in it and also pull the head, decarbonize and also install the seals even if it is or no yours had them. If friend have challenge finding the seal #s if castle aren"t in her IPL then let me know. It really isn"t a large task- just seems like there room twice the quantity of bolts that one would have to pull the end to perform it than need to be! These small Intek"s are not noted to have a headgasket worries like the bigger frames, yet the fact that there were cooling worries may have influenced the gasket. Friend could try the seals only if girlfriend wish.

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Tomplum, that sounds favor the most efficient approach, simply go ahead and also pull turn off the head, and do HG and also seals in ~ the very same time. Or I could just solve to just use this machine on breezy days, when the wind would certainly blow the stink far from me .

I don"t know what the is through me and also Briggs, however my last fifty percent dozen Briggs motors have all become smokers. Anyway, ns looked end the procedure and like you stated it would certainly be simpler to just acquire the upper end gasket collection and gain this done prior to the season gets under way.