You will certainly learn more about windows 7 preferably disk size and fix it action by step. Sroll under to obtain the details.


Then, In the pop-up window, friend will obtain a blog post like ”Are you sure to convert the selected disk from MBR to GPT disk? ”, click OK to check this operation.

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Step 2. After that, the software will show you the final effect, so girlfriend can more determine whether you want to perform this operation. If you want to, please click Apply to continue.

Step 3. Below you just need to click Proceed and also then this software program will execute this procedure automatically. You simply need to wait and also click Finish.


How to solve FAT32 partition 32GB limit effortlesssly

Step 1. Start this partition manager, then you will see its main page. Click the FAT32 partition, then choose Advanced and also Convert come NTFS subsequently .


Then, you will certainly be inquiry if you want to transform to NTFS, click OK come confirm.

Step 2. Here you will see the final result of this operation, click Apply to continue.

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Step 3. Click Proceed if you space sure to execute this operation. 


Note: If you desire to convert NTFS come FAT32, you could follow the steps above, it"s really similar. You simply need to select NTFS partition and select FAT32 as the new file system.


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