Strip cropping is a financially rewarding farming practice that provides extr advantages except solely growing yields. The proves effective to use strip cropping to minimize soil erosion, specifically on sloped lands. Correctly liked neighboring species positively affect each other, thus an enhancing field productivity. However, strip cropping benefits likewise involve details efforts, i beg your pardon are much easier to implement v smart agriculture tools.

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What Is strip Cropping?

The method’s name gives a clue come what the implies. Piece cropping says planting several cultures in strips alternated in crop rotation. It is a consistent practice on sloped floor to control soil erosion. However, strip cropping in farming applies to also terrains also when 2 or much more species are cultivated together. The is similar to intercropping this method because alternative varieties grow in-between the cash plants.

Typical matches encompass grasses (e.g., hay, wheat) and also corn, sugar beets, soybeans, etc.

What Is The purpose Of piece Cropping?

Basically, strip cropping farming is provided either to boost soil wellness or assistance primary varieties growth. Secondary species seldom bring extr income to productivity producers but are the cheapest soil conservation technique. In particular, strip farming:

enhances water infiltration; retains floor moisture; mitigates physical yield damages by wind and air-borne particles; decreases sedimentation; boosts water quality; attractive pollinators;

Field strip Cropping

Crop bands are arranged in parallel lines throughout the field without following the contours. This technique is suitable either for flat areas or gentle slopes, and it is used if the soil is not as well prone come erosion. Ar strip agriculture is also a solution once the previous practice is not feasible or rational due to relief special, (e.g., irregular or wavy lands).

Typically, lines are of the very same width. Neighboring cultures should be close enough to enable mutual benefits, still allowing machinery come pass throughout field operations, with sufficient an are to rotate to the following swath.

Wind strip Cropping

In this case, protecting tree perpendicularly face the prevailing winds, so their position does not count on the steep contour. This are lengthy bands virtually of the exact same width that prosper on also or nearly even terrains. They offer as a shield and mitigate the wind damage on yields and also soils, for this reason the suitable options are high-growing corn, sorghum, Pennisetum, and also more.

Strip agriculture With crop Monitoring

The advantages of farming several varieties in the same ar together convince farmers to embrace the promising practice. However, extr benefits will additionally involve added efforts. Crop Monitoring is one effective agricultural software that makes the farming company simpler and also less risky via far sensing. It permits assessing vegetation health, tracking tree development, and planning field treatment events.

Cultivation v strip farming means that each of the bands will certainly be managed separately. It is why tracking the vegetation state and conducting activities will also be separate for each species. Through generating vegetation and also productivity maps with the Zoning feature, a farmer will get essential information as to differentiated fertilization and irrigation demands in each of 2 come 7 zones. Thus, satellite imagery allows crop producer to recognize exact areas requiring fertilization or irrigation and also decide application amounts. In the case of strip cropping, this strategy makes certain sense because different bands consists of various plants, at perhaps different breakthrough stages, and different needs.

Elevation map of a ar represents that uneven surface

Another point about strip cropping agriculture is that different types require different field operations, for this reason increasing their full number. Chop Monitoring helps farmers nicely arrange every the events in the Field task log. The feature permits easy scheduling of any farming operations because that each varieties in the field separately. It enables long-term planning, too. By beginning details top top performed events and evaluating them later, agriculturalists can predict inputs and elaborate an optimal irrigation or fertilization plan, identify the most productive field area to rise seeding rates, etc.

Field task log contains all accomplished and planned tasks in different fields.

Apart native the above-mentioned features, the agriculture platform offers users other advantageous functionalities as well.

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Is piece Cropping Sustainable?

By reducing soil erosion, preserving ar fertility, and eliminating environmental pollution, strip cropping provides farmlands an ideal for use later on as well. Thus, the strategy is no only advantageous for soil and also yields however belongs to sustainable farming practices, meeting their major goal of floor conservation and rational consumption of natural resources. V smart agricultural software, the feasibility of strip cropping farming implementation significantly increases. Request a demo and also see how chop Monitoring can aid you manage your fields.