A spinoff that Seth MacFarlane’s family members Guy, The Cleveland show never got the exact same popularity. Here’s a look at why the collection was canceled.

By Seth MacFarlane Family man Y American father! space a pair of the most popular adult animated television series out there. Despite the good success of the creator v these programs, his Family man cleave, The Cleveland Show, the didn’t execute so well. Aired top top September 27, 2022 on Fox, The Cleveland Show He slowly saw a decline in qualities in his later years, bring about his ultimate downfall.

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The Cleveland Show following Family guys Cleveland Brown, documenting his move from Rhode Island to Virginia to start a new life v his family, consist of of his wife, Donna Tubbs, your son, Cleveland Brown Jr., and also his stepchildren, Roberta and also Rallo Tubbs.

The Cleveland Show witnessed the dysfunctional Brown-Tubbs family members through countless shenanigans transparent its four-season run. He used a formula comparable to Family man, with much of his humor focused on poking funny at American society and making use of the clipped-gag comic element. Yet in spite of following the very same plan, having actually the same creator, and being comprised of acquainted characters, the spinoff display never obtained the exact same popularity as its predecessor.

This is not to say that the collection did not have its moments. The Cleveland Show the was also nominated because that a few awards: a Primetime Emmy Award and also two Teen selection Awards. Still, it gradually received more negative than optimistic reviews. About season 4, which became his last season, rumors began to circulate the The Cleveland Show it would certainly be canceled.

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During this time, Fox had actually yet to formally announcement the show’s cancellation, but many surmised The Cleveland Show that was nearly dead. However, the network permitted him to relax the remainder that the fourth season, as it would carry the series to a full of 88 episodes, the common benchmark for television syndication. Surely enough The Cleveland Show to be canceled after ~ season 4 because of its continued rating drop. The last illustration aired on may 19, 2013.

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While The Cleveland Show It never ever really recorded on, the spinoff was an excellent in its very own right. And the Brown family was not forgotten, rejoining their mother program that is tho running, Family man, in season 12. Although Cleveland’s reunion through his friend in “He’s Bla-ack!” that wasn’t the character’s ideal moment, together the actors mercilessly mocked his failed show throughout the episode.