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Butane (C4H10) has actually a warm of vaporization of 22.44 kJ/mol and a regular boiling suggest of -0.4 degrees Celsius. A 250 mL flask contains 0.75g of butane at -22 levels Celsius. How much butane is present as a liquid

identify the partial push of o2

once a container is filled with 3.00 mol the H2 , 2.00 mol of O2 , and also 1.00 mol that N2 , the press in the container is 465 kPa. Recognize the partial press of O2?

describe fischer esterification of acetic acid with ethanol

write a in-depth mechanism because that a) the Fischer esterification that acetic acid through ethanol in the visibility of sulfuric acid and b) the reaction of acetyl chloride through ethanol

describe a polar bear need to consume enough seals to compensate

A polar bear may burn as much as 1.5 kg the fat resources a day. A polar bear have to consume sufficient seals to compensate for this substantial energy expenditure. If you needed to survi

uncover out the price expression for the reaction

given the initial price data for the decomposition reaction, A = B + C, identify the rate expression because that the reaction ,M = .0625, 0939, .125; -changeA/changet M/s = 5.44

Compute the massive defect and also nuclear binding energy

calculation the mass defect and nuclear binding energy per nucleon that the every of the nuclides suggested below. A)Ti -48 (atomic mass = 47.947947 amu) mass defect = ______amu

explain how well can we know the energy of molecular

The Heisenberg suspicion principle too holds for energy and also time, two totally free variables. Describe how well can we recognize the energy of molecule excited states with

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Solved Which Of The Following Is An Informal Research Method?

What is the volume that the air sample

a 250.0ml sample the air at 100.0k is warmed come 200.0k at consistent pressure. What is the volume that the wait sample in ~ the brand-new temperature?

What is the duty of each sovent mixture

why execute we usage 60:40 dichloromethane/hexane solvent mixture to separate 2-nitrophenol and 50:50 dichloromethane /ethylacetate solvent mixture to different 4-nitrophenol? What