for the queen that Brobdingnag? since the chairs space too large for him due to the fact that he prefers cushioned chairs to wood chairs since he walk not like to sit as soon as spending time through the queen because the chairs are made indigenous the queen’s hair

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He is angry with Gulliver since Gulliver refuse to utterly ruin the Blefuscudians. ... He speak the emporer the Gulliver is costing that too lot money, an ext than a million ..... A chair. Why does Gulliver refuse come sit on the chair he made?

because he does not choose to sit when spending time with the queen due to the fact that the chairs space made indigenous the queen’s hair


In the seventh chapter, the King had shaved his hair and Gulliver had meshed the hair into seats just to fulfill the Queen that Brobdingnag"s interest.

Gulliver trusts that sitting on the ruler"s seat would certainly not be a good thing to do.

The finest description the figurative language is:

A. It expresses an feel or feeling.


Figurative language describes using words in methods that convey much more than their literal meaning. The purpose is to convey and also evoke emotions and also feelings, to explain something vividly, come persuade, come inspire, come amuse. Figurative language renders writing and also speaking more colorful activities, filled through meanings and images. Instances of figurative language are: metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, among others.

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What to be juliets an initial impression that Romeo
WITCHER <35> Romeo"s an initial impressions the Juliet are plainly about she beauty. The is fully taken aback by how beautiful she is.step by action explanation :
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erastova <34>
So to be exsample would certainly be the child stated ouch the bee stuff me
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In Ovid"s "The Story of Daedalus and also Icarus," what ultimately becomes of Icarus? A.He drowns after shedding his wing by paris to
prisoha <69>
A.He drowns after shedding his wings by flying also close come the sun.
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Adjectives finishing in -ed/-ing - worksheet
bekas <8.4K>


2) frustrating

3) alarming

4) excited

5) interested

6) amused

7) pleasing

8) surprised

9) annoying

10) embarrassed

11) alarmed

12) frustrated

13) amusing

14) exciting

15) boring

16) interesting

17) annoyed

18) embarrassing

19) surprising

20) pleased

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