Chances are, you’ve captured your cat basking in the afternoon sunbeams. However just why do cats choose to put in the sun so much?

Cats lay in the sunlight to maintain energy and stay warm. Due to the fact that their normal body temperature runs in between 101 – 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, they should keep warmer 보다 humans. Laying in the sun is an easy, energy-conserving method for them to keep their higher body temperature while castle sleep.


Cats LOVE warmth

Cats space warmth-seeking little furballs.

Each cat will have actually its own favorite point out to look for heat. Among my cats from childhood, her favorite spot was on height of the fridge. An additional cat I had absolutely love to snuggle up alongside you under a blanket. My existing cat Louie’s favourite spot is ~ above the warmth register.

However the one thing they all had in common was lock LOVED any kind of spot v sunshine.

They also love to conserve your energy

Cats space all about energy conservation and also spend a large portion that the day snoozing or resting their eyes. It’s no that they’re lazy, yet they’re relaxing up for their following hunt. Cat still have these organic impulses, also if they’re no actually needing come hunt for any type of food.

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Maintaining human body temperature is something the expends energy. In the case of cats, their common body temperature have the right to run almost everywhere from 101 or 102.5 levels Fahrenheit (38.3 – 39.2 levels Celsius). This is a few degrees greater than ours, and also it takes an ext work to keep it up.

When a cat sleeps, they endure a slim drop in human body temperature.

So laying in sunlight helps cats keep their main point body temperature a lot an ext easily if snoozing – therefore, conserving energy and being all set for their following “hunt” – even if it is simply chasing after ~ a cat toy or some random thing on the floor!

But have the right to cats gain too hot in the sun? will they overheat?

Hyperthermia – which happens if a cat’s core body temperature get 105 levels – is a real threat. Cats that space trapped in warm cars or garages in high temperatures are at risk for this and can many definitely build heatstroke.

However, cat with accessibility to fresh water and also cool point out (any kind of shade) will certainly fair pretty fine in the heat.

When it involves overheating, cats room pretty smart.

If a cat is actually as well hot, it i will not ~ be laying in sunbeams. But what girlfriend perceive to be too hot and also what her cat does might be very different! cat seem come like warmth temperatures.

On really warm days, cats will lay in cool point out like difficult floors and tile or in the shade. I notification my cat will lay ~ above the tough floor during summer heatwaves, something that would never do otherwise.

If you concerned around your cat gift too warm in your home, store a cool fan running because that them come lay in if they please. Friend can also crack a window at night to provide them part fresh cool breeze.

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Can cats get sunburned? What about through windows?

It’s totally feasible for cats to obtain sunburned and even develop solar dermatitis – a steady skin disease that have the right to lead to cancer. This can happen through windows as well since they nothing filter the end all the harmful UV rays, yet it’s unlikely unless your cat is specifically sun sensitive.


Cats that space all white and also hairless cats are most at danger for this to actually happen. However, it no exclude cats that room black and also white, orange and white, calicos, etc. Any type of cat the doesn’t have actually an all-dark cloak is much more susceptible since its fur does not protect them together much.

This is also obviously a much better risk because that outdoor cats. If you have a cat the goes outdoors, make sure they have actually nice shady spots to hide out in.

Do cat absorb Vitamin D from the sun?

Even though cat may acquire some vitamin D indigenous licking their fur after exposing themselves to part sun, research reflects that the sun is not the main resource of Vitamin D for cats. They largely need to acquire this nutrient from your diet.

This 1999 research from the American culture Journal of Nutrition looked into this subject and also discovered if cats space fed a diet without Vitamin D, lock will start to develop clinical indications of Vitamin D deficiency, even when routinely exposed to sunlight or UV beams.

So if you live somewhere there is no a many of straight sun for her cat to lay in, there’s no need to worry. Cat food includes enough Vitamin D to store them healthy.

How to aid keep your cat warm and comfortable (without the sun)

Keeping open up curtains for her cat to bask in the pretty sunshine deserve to certainly aid sometimes, yet it’s no a 24-hour fix. Also, some places just don’t obtain a ton of sunlight.

If you favor to keep your house on the cooler side in the summer, or if you live in a frigid climate, there are ways you can assist to store your cat warm and comfortable indoors without the sun.

Make certain your cat has actually a heat comfortable clues in your house to always go to. You deserve to lay blankets, clothing, a pet bed, or noþeles soft under for lock to access if lock wish.

In addition, providing your cat several snuggles and also letting them sleep through you is additionally a an excellent way to help them stay warm, yet sometimes cats just want to do their very own thing.

If it is the case, they additionally have tons of heated pet bed options, both electric and self-heating. They also have people you deserve to put in the microwave!

Thermal self-heating cat pads

These are nice tiny beds for your cat that will certainly absorb and also reflect your cat’s very own body heat, which helps them to stay warm while lock sleep. My sister has one and her cats are often snuggled up with each other on it.

Plug in bed warmers because that cats

This warmer is design to go inside any pet bed to aid keep her cat extra toasty ~ above cold days, for this reason if you already have a bed for her feline, this could be a an excellent addition.

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Cat bed heating pads

This is one all-in-one heater pad and also pet bed combo, which has actually safety functions to certain it no overheat.

Microwavable heating pads because that cats

If you don’t choose the threat or power use that comes v using a plug-in warmer, however you feel favor your cat needs much more warmth than a self-heating pad can produce, microwavable pads might work just fine.

The fence is this is on the smaller side, however it might make a nice addition to her cats resting area!