If you desire to keep track of your time every work in a reliable means and look an excellent doing it, climate a timepiece through Relic could just be best for you.

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Each Relic watches review concentrates on the fact that these designs carry out a stylish accessory because that a certain reason: this brand was developed specifically for those who desire a stylish watch without paying hundreds or hundreds of dollars.

You’ll discover a variety of designs obtainable with this brand together with quality materials. From bracelets to leather straps, huge analog dials come hybrid watches, there are even titanium options in the assorted collections that you’ll uncover from Relic.

If your layout is vintage, yet your timekeeping needs are modern, then this is the brand come consider.

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When Fossil first started creating watches in the early on 1980s, they were attempting to take advantage of the higher incomes and far better economic times the were being experienced.

This led lock to produce high price clues on their an initial collections, i m sorry led numerous households to overlook the brand because of the cost. After ~ all, not everyone views a timepiece for the wrist as an item of fine jewelry or luxury.

If a clock without diamonds prices the exact same as jewelry through diamonds, many will select the priceless jewels.

To reach a bigger market, The Fossil Group decided to produce the Relic brand together a way to create similar designs, yet at a much more affordable price because that consumers. Even to this day, the similarity in style between Fossil and also Relic city hall is conveniently apparent.

The difference in between the two brands involves the high quality of the materials that have gone into the do of the watch.


Relic watches carry out affordable fashion. Due to the fact that of this, their lifespan is typically restricted to 1-2 year in most circumstances. V light wear, some customers may have the ability to get as much as 5 year of wearable life the end of your timepiece from this brand.

To be fair, Relic watches to be specifically created to be an attractive, but an extremely affordable timepiece. There is no apology for this. If you want to have a deluxe watch native The Fossil Group, then the organization urges consumers come look at the miscellaneous collections under the Fossil brand.

If not, climate you deserve to still acquire a pretty an excellent watch through the Relic brand, however at a price the is much much more affordable.

One of the issues that often tends to come up through a Relic clock is that the outer coating or colorization the the watch does often tend to wear off with heavy use or v high level of perspiration. The actual materials of the clock itself, however, are surprisingly sturdy considering the low price points the are readily available for most collections.

HOW room RELIC watches MADE?

Relic watches are one of several brands that have actually been license is granted to The Fossil Group. This group was developed in 1984 and is responsible because that the manufacturing of timepieces, belts, wallets, and also other fashion items. Their items deserve to be found in discount stores, department save chains, and also online stores choose Amazon together of January 2015.

The core demographic the is target by The Fossil team for the Relic brand space teens and young adults. The designs of each are intended to it is in innovative, yet vintage in aesthetics. A bulk of the production processes for every one of the branded and also licensed timepieces produced by The Fossil group are located in China and throughout the APAC region.

There are limited productions of Swiss-made watches because that The Fossil group as well, however these tend to be because that premium-priced fashion watches.


Relic watches have one of the most lucrative warranties the are available in our industry today. The Fossil group offers all Relic the town hall a 12-year minimal warranty native the date of purchase, extending material and also manufacturing defects.

In the warranty period, the hands, movement, and also dial room specifically covered and also will it is in repaired, or the watch replaced at the single discretion of one authorized business center.

There is one $8.50 return shipping and also handling fee that applies to every warranty service requests under the Relic brand.

Relic additionally offers to fix a watch problem that is not covered by warranty and will also replace the battery on your timepiece if friend wish. Those charges are as follows.

$18.50 for the battery instead of service, in enhancement to the $8.50 return fee.$45.00 for the fix of all contents that space not covered by the 12-year minimal warranty. This price does include the return shipping fee.

To qualify because that the warranty, the Relic watch need to be purchased originally from an authorized retailer.

You can uncover further guarantee details, consisting of the place of global authorized company centers, v this link: https://www.relicbrand.com/warranty/


Relic watches space an affordable fashion timepiece for many consumers. A majority of the watches that are available by this brand are priced for less than $100. If you shop because that this brand that timepiece in ~ a department store, friend may discover prices in the $100-$150 range for some of the top-end collections from this brand.

Some that the Relic watches are even priced below $50. A good example the this is the Relic Men’s Gunmetal watch, which can be uncovered for $49 on part websites. The Relic Men’s Jake Strap Watch regularly retails for $38 and sometimes even less.


In every Relic city hall review, the temptation to acquisition a terrific looking clock at one affordable price can be almost overwhelming. In numerous department stores, you have the right to even shot on numerous of these timepieces to view if it will work with your personal style.

Featuring quartz movements and also stainless steel bracelets with countless designs, these watches feeling heavy, space durable, and keep time with relative accuracy.

If you’re trying to find an affordable watch, there are numerous brands that don’t carry out the same quality. Give Relic a closer look, and you will certainly be pleased through the results.



Relic watches are only water-resistant up to around 165 feet. However, there is no guarantee on this, so usage caution v your clock in water – specifically if there is any kind of kind of chlorine content in the water together you would discover in a swimming pool, for example.

IS RELIC really A great BRAND for WATCHES?

They room a good quality clock brand the is affordable for many. However, their lifespan is typically restricted to a few years in many circumstances. They are owned through Fossil group as well, and also they are among the earliest watchmakers in existence and are renowned for your other more higher-end city hall that room pricier but an ext durable.


Most Relic Watches are designed in the joined States however are produced in China. This only applies to the Relic brand and also is not the very same as the Fossil brand that Swiss-made watches.

Again, Relic is a component of Fossil Groups, therefore Relic watches have the right to be purchased digital at authorized dealers choose Amazon or in Fossil outlets and gift stores.


You may find some similarities between the 2 watch brands due to the fact that Fossil is recognized as the parent agency for the Relic brand. Therefore, girlfriend will find that the style of each of these watches is very similar in part cases. However, the Fossil brand watches room going come be lot pricier and also higher-end than the an ext affordable Relic watches.

WHERE have the right to I obtain A BATTERY REPLACEMENT for MY RELIC WATCH?

If you need a instead of battery for your Relic, you deserve to either call a Relic or Fossil service center or visit among their stores.

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The Relic brand was mostly created as a way for the manufacturer come supply world with a much more affordable, stylish watch. Because that this reason, they additionally offer a variety of different styles that civilization will love – even if you room usually quite picky around the sort of watch you wear.