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Have a rear window defogger worry on mine 94 Camry. The light on the switch come on once I press on it but the window remains fogged up. I assume the relay is working and also just a swollen fuse. Every the owner"s manual, it should be the 40 Amp fuse #35 in the key block behind the coin holder right side that the driver"s dash. I open up this cover and also no fuse #35. Any comments on wherein this man is covert is much appreciated, esp winter in Chicago makes it tough to back up through a fogged increase window.


Nope simply 1 circuit for the behind defroster. Tony, you"ll probably need to remove that lower panel to access it.
Can you here a click when involved ??It is feasible that over there is a negative connection ~ above the grid voltage entry or floor clips (may just need cleaned & tightened just BE cautious WITH CONNECTORS)Get one of the 12 volt test lamps indigenous the auto parts store (clear take care of with bulb inside and sharp steel tip) then you can examine the fuse(s) and also see if the voltage is acquiring to the grid.
You were appropriate Shawn, there are an ext fuses underneath the lower dash panel as soon as I gotten rid of it. I now see a dive in the tach rpm once I push the switch, seems favor the engine is being loaded down. Appreciate the assist!
i have the same problem yet there is no voltage in the clips the r in the home window could that be that the wire is poor somewhere the fuse is great the light transforms on any assist is an extremely usefull say thanks to you...

The behind defogger fuse is the is marked "tail lights" and also it is behind the coin box. That fuse is for like 10 different things (including the corner lamps)
can someone tell me if there is a relay and also where that is.? it next to the fuse box by wherein you execute a diagnosis come the car
^^ 94 Camry, Defog relay ar = Junction block 1 (near driver) Relay closest to edge away kind mounting bolts.It present the fuse as among the 40 amp bigger type.

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ok i located the relay and readjust it and also problem solved...but that relay was going for $71 dollars brand-new $30 in junk yard give thanks to everybody for ur aid
rear defoggerI have actually the same difficulty in my 95 camry. There are 4 points that deserve to be checked prior to breaking the end the voltmeter. 10a fuse, 40a fuse, relay switch, and dash switch/w timer. If dash switch irradiate is on, you can assume that is working. The 10a fuse is behind the driver side coin box and easily accessible. The 40a fuse is located additional to the right and also requires the removed of the wheel well trim (no large deal). However, the heater duct is directly in the way.Anybody know how to eliminate it there is no breaking it?The relay switch is situated on the backside of the junction crate behind the diagnostic port. Friend really have to wedge yourself ago there to watch it yet is it straightforward to acquire you hands on.
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