Which that the following terms describes a network resource sharing model that uses access control

lists saved on every computer?


Match the network types on the left v the explanation on the right. Every network type may be used once, more than once, or no at all.

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A network in a small geographic area that generally uses wires to affix systems together.

A little network supplied for connecting devices, such as a notebook computer, a wireless headset, a wireless printer, and a smartphone.

A network that is typically owned and also managed through a city together a windy utility.

A group of networks that space geographically isolated, but are linked to type a big internetwork.

Similar come a conventional LAN, yet uses radio signals instead of wires to attach systems together.

A network the covers an area as small as a couple of city blocks to as huge as an entire city.

A set of subnets linked to each other, frequently by wires, making use of at least one router.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Personal Area Network (PAN)

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wireless regional Area Network (WLAN)

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Local Area Network (LAN)

A team of workers in one office an are communicate through each various other on your smartphones and tablet devices v an ad hoc network linked using Bluetooth modern technology protocols.

Which the the complying with network species is in use?

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)Wide Area Network (WAN)Local Area Network (LAN)Personal Area Network (PAN)

Personal Area Network (PAN)

You have a network that uses a reasonable bus topology. How do messages travel with the network?

Messages are sent to a main device, which climate forwards the article to the destination device.Messages room sent directly to the correct location device.Messages travel from one device to the next until they reach the destination device.Messages space broadcast to all devices linked to the network.

Messages are broadcast to every devices connected to the network.

You have a network that provides a logical ring topology. Exactly how do message travel v the network?

Messages travel from one maker to the next until they reach the location device.Messages are sent out to a main device, which then forwards the post to the location device.Messages room sent straight to the destination device only.Messages are sent to all devices associated to the network.

Messages take trip from one machine to the following until they with the location device.

You have implemented an ad hoc wireless network that doesn"t rental a wireless accessibility point. Every wireless network map can connect directly with any kind of other wireless network card on the network. What type of physics network topology has been enforced in this type of network?



You have been asked to implement a network facilities that will accommodate fail connections. I beg your pardon of the following network topologies offers redundancy because that a failed link?



Which of the adhering to topologies connects each network maker to a main hub?



What device is used to create a physical star topology?



Which of the following is the best meaning for a LAN?

A network in a small geographic area, like in an office.An extension of a exclusive network end a shared or windy network, such as the internet.A network who computers and also servers space separated geographically, however still connected.The interconnection of components, such together laptops, printers, keyboards, and also other wireless gadgets within a an individual range (typically 10 meters or less).

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A network in a tiny geographic area, choose in one office.



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