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The two significant types of device software programs space utility programs and the ________.A) charmsB) applications softwareC) user interfaceD) operating system

All that the following are instances of network operating systems except ________.A) home windows 10B) LinuxC) OS XD) MS-DOS

Which of the complying with capabilities that UNIX is FALSE?A) it is multiuser.B) it is multitasking.C) that is a network OS.D) it is only for super computers.

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Which of the following is a proprietary OS for desktop computer and laptop computers?A) WindowsB) iOSC) AndroidD) Linux

The Mac OS was the an initial commercially available OS to incorporate ________.A) networkingB) color graphicsC) soundD) point and click technology

Which the the following is no a user interface?A) command-drivenB) application programming interface (API)C) menu-drivenD) graphical user interface (GUI)

Using tough disk an are to temporarily save data or indict from lamb is described as the ________.A) spoolB) interrupt sequencerC) compressorD) online memory

Each maker attached come your computer has a special program called a(n) ________ that allows the maker and operating system to interact with every other.A) an equipment driverB) translatorC) interpreterD) an equipment configurator

Which the the adhering to is the very first step in the boot process?A) The BIOS is caused by transforming on the computer.B) The BIOS checks that all gadgets are in place.C) The OS is loaded into RAM.D) Configuration and also customization settings are checked.

C: denotes a(n) ________ brochure that is in ~ the peak of the filing structure of a computer.A) top-levelB) clusterC) rootD) upper-level

When using Windows paper Explorer, i beg your pardon view offers the most info at a glance?A) ListB) ContentC) TilesD) Details

Which that the following Windows energy programs arranges pieces of documents on your hard drive to enable for quicker access?A) decaying CleanupB) disc DefragmenterC) Error-checkingD) task Manager

Which utility temporarily gets rid of redundancies in a file to minimize the file size?A) decaying CleanupB) file CompressionC) Error-checkingD) disc Defragmenter

The ________ utility immediately creates duplicates of your libraries, desktops, contacts and also favorites to an additional storage location.A) system RestoreB) Time CapsulesC) record HistoryD) Carbonite

A unique signal through a maker to let the operating system know that it needs attention is referred to as a(n) ________.

The Windows feature that gets rid of a freshly installed, improperly working driver and replaces it with the last one that worked is dubbed ________.

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During the boots process, the ________ is responsible because that loading the operating device from the difficult drive right into RAM.

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