A comedy consists of a satire around a particular topic, and irony is supplied to entertain and also make an audience laugh.

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The favored answer is the only one containing facets of irony due to the fact that the speak mocks the standing of married men, and they do it in a mannerly way.

Miss Prism. No married guy is ever before attractive other than to his wife.


The story "The prestige of gift Earnest" is a classic example the comedy of manners. The story gift the picture of victor upper class society. The standards prevalent in the culture at the time revolved about materialistic nature and superficial attitude. The Victorian culture was lot indulged in hypocrisy and also frivolous nature. The materialistic nature and the norms of the culture has to be highlighted in the story.

The over line stated by miss Prism is an instance of the attribute of a comedy of manners. The prestige of a husband has been only specified come his wife since of the materialistic assistance that the husband gives to the wife. The emotional element is not touched by this statement.

The prize is indeed letter C) miss out on Prism. No married male is ever attractive except to his wife.

"The prominence of being Earnest" is a play created by Oscar Wilde. That revolves approximately characters who comprise imaginary friends or even pretend to be other world in stimulate to cheat those around them. The personalities lie once they feel favor escaping society, freeing themselves indigenous the boring agency of their friends.

"The importance of gift Earnest" is the most well known comedy of manners of every time. A comedy of manners satirizes society, criticizing social standards and also manners. There is usually a love work or some various other sort that scandal in the plot. The dialogs are full of witty remarks and also sarcasm.

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As because that the options, letter C is the one that ideal supports the affirmation the this play is a comedy of manners. It"s a remark made by the character miss Prism, who has a love attention in Reverend Chasuble. She make the efforts to convince him the he need to marry, that a single man is a constant temptation to women. By marrying, according to her, he would be act what is finest for the Church. She walk on come say the older females would it is in a better choice (she is an older woman). Wilde more than likely used her character to slam the desperation that older ladies of the era when it involved marriage.




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