Learn how to change the headlight bulbs on a nine generation (2006–2014) Chevy Impala. This post will cover short beam, high beam, running lights, parking lights, front rotate signal, and also position lights.

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The procedure is quite easy, yet you do need to remove the headlamp assembly indigenous the car.


Release the hood latch by pressing the latch lever to the side. The latch is situated at the facility of the grill, just under the hood.

Remove the large white retaining clip.

The top bends rearward slightly to disengage the locking slot, then pulls upward, the end of the car.



There is a retaining clip/stud ~ above the outer side close come the fender.

To relax this, traction the headlight forward away from the car. That should relocate forward an inch or so.


The headlight is currently only hosted in location by the body panels obstructing it's movement.

The innermost side close to the grill, a lip on the bottom, and also the fender will all block movement.

Slowly angle and also lightly tug on some of the panels to get the housing free.


There is a single big electrical connector to disconnect. Squeeze out the release clip and also pull the cable connector out of the headlamp housing.

The low and also high beam bulbs room behind large black screw on plastic covers.

The H11 short beam is located under the huge black covering nearest the external side that the headlight.

The H9 high beam is located under the huge black sheathe nearest the center grill side of the headlight

The Amber 4157NA parking light is the small bulb ~ above the external corner.

The Amber 4157NA turn signal or blinker is the small bulb near the center of the car.

If removed the low or high beam headlight bulbs, remove the black cover through rotating that by hand counter clock wise.

Every pear in the housing have the right to be gotten rid of by rotating it counter clockwise roughly 90 degrees. Just rotate and pull the bulb the end of the housing.

Install your new bulb.

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Take keep in mind of the prongs top top the bulb and socket. Heat them increase to get the bulb in and also rotate clockwise come tighten

Line up the retaining clips and also sneak the headlight real estate in about the bumper, grill, and fender. It is in patient and take car not to just jam the in to location till the housing has cleared every the body panels.