By the Inscribed quadrilateral Theorem, a square is inscribed in a one if and only if the opposite angles room supplementary. Thus,


or in terms of



Hence, choice B is true.

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Y+w=180 is the answer.

(angle ROP) + (angle RQP) = 180° because supplementary angles room 180,The price is C. X+z=180

The opposite angle in a cyclic quadrilateral room supplementary.

That"s fairly easy come understand. Think about one the the diagonal chords. The central angle to the chord is the twice the measure of one quadrilateral angle and also 360 minus the main angle is double the measure of the opposite quadrilateral angle. So the two add to 180.

In our difficulty P=y is the opposite R=w

w + y = 180 degrees

Last choice

x + y + z = 360°

Step-by-step explanation:

I presume that the attached picture is what you room trying to achieve.

x + y + z = 360°


In any type of quadrilateral whereby the vertices space on the circumference of a circle, the opposite angles add up to 180 degrees. So, in this case:angle x + angle z = 180
The photo in the fastened figurewe recognize thatIn any kind of quadrilateral whereby the vertices space on the one of a circle, the contrary angles add up to 180 degrees. So, in this problemangle x + edge z = 180the prize isx+z=180

The picture in the fastened figurewe recognize thatIn any quadrilateral whereby the vertices are on the one of a circle, the contrary angles include up come
degrees. So, in this problem
thereforethe answer is

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