Whenever you're working through a lot of data, it have the right to be an overwhelming to compare details in your workbook. Fortunately, Excel has several devices that do it simpler to view content from various parts of your workbook at the same time, consisting of the capability to freeze panes and also split your worksheet.

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Watch the video below to learn much more about freezing panes in Excel.

To freeze rows:

You might want come see particular rows or columns all the time in her worksheet, particularly header cells. By freezing rows or columns in place, you'll have the ability to scroll through your content while proceeding to check out the frozen cells.

Select the row below the row(s) you desire to freeze. In our example, we desire to freeze rows 1 and 2, therefore we'll choose row 3.

The rows will be frozen in place, as shown by the gray line. You deserve to scroll down the worksheet while proceeding to see the frozen rows at the top. In ours example, we've scrolled under to heat 18.

To freeze columns:Select the column to the appropriate of the column(s) you want to freeze. In ours example, we want to freeze column A, therefore we'll choose column B.

The tower will be frozen in place, as suggested by the gray line. You deserve to scroll across the worksheet while proceeding to watch the frozen column on the left. In our example, we've scrolled throughout to pillar E.

If friend only must freeze the peak row (row 1) or first column (column A) in the worksheet, you have the right to simply pick Freeze optimal Row or Freeze very first Column from the drop-down menu.

To unfreeze panes:

If you desire to select a various view option, friend may first need come reset the spreadsheet by unfreezing panes. Come unfreeze rows or columns, click the Freeze Panes command, then select Unfreeze Panes from the drop-down menu.

Other watch options

If your workbook consists of a most content, it deserve to sometimes be daunting to compare different sections. Excel includes extr options come make her workbooks easier to view and compare. Because that example, girlfriend can select to open a new window for her workbook or split a worksheet into separate panes.

To open a new window because that the present workbook:

Excel enables you to open multiple windows because that a solitary workbook in ~ the very same time. In our example, we'll usage this attribute to to compare two various worksheets native the very same workbook.

Click the View tab ~ above the Ribbon, then pick the New Window command.
You deserve to now compare different worksheets from the very same workbook across windows. In our example, we'll pick the 2013 Sales thorough View worksheet to compare 2012 and 2013 sales.

If you have several windows open at the same time, you deserve to use the Arrange All command come rearrange lock quickly.

To split a worksheet:

Sometimes you might want come compare various sections that the same workbook without developing a new window. The Split command permits you to divide the worksheet right into multiple panes the scroll separately.

Select the cell whereby you desire to separation the worksheet. In our example, we'll pick cell D6.


Click the View tab top top the Ribbon, then pick the Split command.
The workbook will certainly be split into different panes. You can scroll v each pane individually using the scroll bars, enabling you to compare different sections that the workbook.
After developing a split, you deserve to click and drag the vertical and horizontal dividers to readjust the size of every section.

To remove the split, click the Split command again.


Within our example file, over there is A lot of sales data. Because that this challenge, we desire to be able to compare data for various years next by side. To do this:

Open a new window for her workbook.

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Freeze first Column and use the horizontal scroll bar to look in ~ sales native 2015.Unfreeze the an initial column. Select cell G17 and also click Split to separation the worksheet into multiple panes. Hint: This should break-up the worksheet in between rows 16 and 17 and also columns F and also G. Use the horizontal role bar in the bottom appropriate of the home window to relocate the worksheet so that Column N, which has data because that January 2015, is alongside Column F.Open a new window for her workbook, and also select the 2012-2013 Sales tab. Relocate your home windows so they are side by side. Currently you're able to to compare data for similar months indigenous several various years. Your screen should look something prefer this: