So you space planning a trip to Jordan and also want to learn how to speak Jordanian Arabic...That"s an extremely nice and thoughtful that you! Jordanian world will really evaluate it.

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The problem?

Arabic is among the most complicated languages in the world.

It take away months and years to grasp it, no to mention the fact that the courses accessible usually teach standard Arabic or Egyptian Arabic - i beg your pardon is various from the everyday spoken Arabic in Jordan.



This book Is for You If...

you don"t have time to learn just how to read and also write in Arabic you want to have an easy conversations with locals in everyday situations while traveling in Jordan you desire to far better understand why Jordanians to speak or do particular thingsLearning to speak Jordanian Arabic language will permit you come easily interact with locals in Jordan without having actually to find out Arabic alphabet or grammar and also without investing a most time and money into a full-blown Arabic language course

What You will certainly Get

The contents of the book is organized into chapters by themes and also situations travelers generally encounter:Greetings & IntroductionsUseful PhrasesSmall TalkCommunication DifficultiesQuestion WordsNumbersCalendarWeather & SeasonsColorsFood & MealsShoppingFamilyTransportationDirections & Finding your WayPost Office, bank & Money ExchangeHealth IssuesEmergency SituationsJordan travel ResourcesArabic Language ResourcesEach thing is concentrating on one subject and presenting the vocabulary in a table format:English Meaning in the center columnArabic Script in the appropriate columnPronunciation Guide with transliterations in the left columnAs over there is no one single technique of transliteration the Arabic script into English, to save things as an easy as possible, this book uses the roman inn alphabet only. Review the words together an English speaker would certainly pronounce them.

Easy Jordanian Arabic Phrasebook through Travel Tips

"How come Speak Arabic in Jordan" is a brief introduction to the colloquial Jordanian Arabic language, enriched by some "travel guide-ish" information: cultural notes and also interesting facts that will certainly deepen your expertise of the country and also its peopleuseful tips and also even live links come resources the will conserve you time as soon as planning the end your tripWatch this short video review through DIY Travel show host Charles Huang to discover what you can expect from the book:

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Get prompt access come the eBook variation of this one-of-a-kind Jordanian Arabic dictionary and also phrasebook from Amazon"s Kindle platform.

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Paperback version


The paperback variation is a genuine book that you can put in her pocket and also use the anytime, anywhere - also in remote areas like Wadi Rum with minimal internet connection.

I also included many white spaces for you come add your own notes, observations and also experiences - therefore the publication will come to be a truly personalized keepsake the your expedition to Jordan.

This is a physics product so please permit several days because that delivery.

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