3. What is true for an image and a preimage in a reflection? a. The picture is larger than the preimage. B. The image is smaller than the preimage. C. The image and also the preimage have actually the same orientation. D. The image and also the preimage have different orientations. 4. In the graph below, what is the heat of reflection for xyz and also x"y"z"? a. The x­axis b. The y­axis c. X = 2 d. Y = 2 5. What is the image of a(3, –1) after a reflection, an initial across the heat y = 3, and also then throughout the heat x = –1? a. (–5, 7) b. (3, –1) c. (–5, –1) d. (1, –5)


1. Answer;

-D. The image and also the pre-image have various orientations.

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-A reflection is a change in which each allude of the pre-image has photo that is the very same distance native the heat of reflection as the original suggest but on the opposite side of the line.

Reflection walk not maintain the orientation the the pre-image.

2. Answer;

C. X = 2

In the graph, the line x= 2 is the heat of reflection because that XYZ and also X"Y"Z".


-The heat of reflection or the winter line lies straight in the middle in between the original figure and also its image. The is always the perpendicular bisector the the present linking equivalent points in the original and also the image.

3. Answer;

(-5, 7)


The suggest (-5, 7) is the photo of A(3, -1) ~ a reflection, very first across the heat y = 3, and also then across the heat x = -1. A enjoy or a upper and lower reversal is a revolution in which each allude of a figure has photo that is same in distance from the line of reflection but on the contrary side.

3. D. The image and also the preimage have various orientations.

4. C. X = 2 http://assets.openstudy.com/updates/attachments/52e2119ae4b05aea18eaa085-emily_93-1390547427347-4648

5. A. (–5, 7)


Step-by-step explanation:

C. The image and also pre-image are congruent.

Step-by-step explanation:

a triangle is reflected across the heat x=2

Check through each option

A. The image and also pre-image have the same orientation.

The picture will no be in same order

B. The image and also pre-image have different sizes. The size will no change

C. The image and pre-image are congruent. The reflection will certainly not readjust the size. Therefore they room congruent

D. The image and also pre-image space separated through a offered angle.

The angle never change in reflection



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Each allude has relocated the same number of units. The sides of the image and also pre-image room congruent. The image is a on slide of the pre-image.

Step-by-step explanation:

Graph the two images.

They execute not it seems to be ~ distorted at all, they are just moved. This makes the on slide statement true and also the various shape declare false.

The correct alternatives are 1, 4 and also 7.

Step-by-step explanation:

From the given figure it is clear the the vertices of preimage space A(-4,2), B(-4,-2) and C(-1,-2).

The vertices of picture are A"(1,5), B"(1,1) and also C"(4,1).

The relation in between vertices of preimage and also image is identified by the rule


It means the number ABC translated 5 systems right and 3 devices up.

Translations a rigid transformation. It means the size and also shape that image and also preimage room same.

We have the right to say that,

(a) The political parties of the image and preimage space congruent.

(b) The angles in the image and angles in the pre-image room same.

(c) The photo is a slide of the preimage.

(d) The image and pre-image have actually same shape.

(e) Each allude has relocated in same direction.

(f) Each suggest has relocated the same variety of units.

Therefore the correct options are 1, 4 and 7.

they had more options in a variety of prices.

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I don’t have actually a single clue however i recognize it’s going to it is in b because that sure

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