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The cable somehow snapped on me while transforming the oil in my truck. I checked out pull the handle, it was tough to pull, so ns pulled harder, the popped and also the hood did not open. Now the take care of is loose and does not retract prefer it should. I can only assumption: v the cable snapped.So, is there any means to open up the hood from the outside so I can put oil earlier in my truck??Can ns reach increase behind the grill somehow?Thanks,Bryan

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You should be able to get a decent length screwdriver and also stick that in v the grille and use that to pop the latch.
The battery of mine 2005 Colorado died. Can"t remotely open up the doors to pop the hood. Just how do I open up it from the outside?
The battery of my 2005 Colorado died. Can"t remotely open up the doors to popular music the hood. Just how do I open it indigenous the outside?
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Wow, when you get the hood lock determined please come back and share the fix with us. Mental the very first rule that fluid transforming (oil, dif, trans, coolant, etc.), make certain you can refill before you drain.No field of expertise implied or expressed
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uneven the reason the battery is dead is because the only key is in the ignition and also left on. Might need to use the hammer or brick key in the event.

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The battery of my 2005 Colorado died. Can"t remotely open the doors to popular music the hood. Just how do I open it native the outside? is the best forum because that the Chevy Colorado ar to talk about the truck’s reliability, diesel or transmissions problems and also more.
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