You don’t need a calculator come quickly uncover the center of something it is an weird length, such as 37 5/8 inches. The clever folks at This Old House display us two means to easily divide a size in fifty percent using simply your ice cream measure.

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In the video clip above, Tom Silva displayed the 2 methods. The an initial is easier since it requires only one ice measure:

Measure her item. In this case, a board.Round up to a bigger number that’s easily divisible by two. In this example, 40 inches.Pull a tape measure diagonally across the board till the 40-inch graduation aligns v one edge.Make a pencil line at the 20-inch graduation heat (half of 40). That’ll it is in the facility of the 37 5/8 inch board.

The second an approach is to use two tape measures, pulling each throughout from the opposite edges, and find where the similar measurement is. It is the center.

Math is fun, but sometimes mathematics shortcuts room even much more fun.

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Ask Tom: exactly how to uncover Measurements Without mathematics | This Old House


Is it just me, or carry out both of this seem overly complicated? couldn’t you just fold the tape measure in half? that’s even much easier with tailor’s tape.

Or I’ve additionally used twine; traction twine alongside the ice measure, reduced it the same length and also just wrinkles that in fifty percent ...

As one aside, transporting twine is simpler than carrying a tape measure also. One point that twine can do for you it is cool, if you space looking at a bunch that the very same items to view if one will certainly fit, prefer whether girlfriend can acquire a bed through your apartment door (or to fit in your room), reduced a couple of pieces the length and width that the area you’re concerned about, role ‘em up in your purse, jacket pocket, wherever, and also take off. Currently when she out trying to find beds there’s no must remember room dimensions or lug a tape measure everywhere, just stretch the twine the end on the floor through the item and et voila, she done.

I have to make mine own present “This Old Man” through a bunch of tip that space useful, but additionally absolutely guarantee to embarrass the children ;)