My family loves summer in Alaska! We often say, “When the sun shines, you cannot beat this state.” We recently planted ours high tunnel. My wife grows kale, beans, peas, asparagus and also even corn in our high tunnel. Summer is a an excellent time the the year. My sons and I and some friends setup to hang trusses today.

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Planting and also building repeat me of the just miracle the Jesus taped in all 4 gospels. The feeding the the 5,000 males plus women and also children is videotaped in Matthew 14, note 6, Luke 9 and also John 6. The truth it is recorded four times is very significant. What walk this wonder teach us? Jesus Christ is the an excellent Shepherd Who always meets the spiritual and also physical needs of His people.

Jesus and His disciples necessary rest. Jesus claimed to them, “Come away by yourselves come a diverted place and rest a while” (Mark 6:31). They travel to Bethsaida by boat on the Sea of Galilee- a street of about four miles. A enormous crowd of civilization followed on shore- a street of around eight miles. Jesus is the strong, love Shepherd. Note 6:34 says, “When Jesus walk ashore, He observed a large crowd, and also He feel compassion because that them due to the fact that they were choose sheep there is no a shepherd…”

What walk a shepherd do? A shepherd tenderly cares for and also provides because that his sheep! the is what Jesus does because that you and me. The situation was impossible. Their just resources were a small boy’s lunch. It contained five little biscuits and also two sardines. Jesus take it it and blessed it and also broke it and also multiplied it. The fed the substantial crowd. “They every ate and were satisfied” (Mark 6:42). Twelve basketfuls were left over. This miracle teaches two great lessons….

First, Jesus is God. In the Old testimony the an excellent prophet Elisha fed 100 men with 20 barley loaves and also some serial in 2 kings 4:42-44. Elisha’s servant asked, “What, will I set this prior to a hundred men (verse 43)?” His servant usually said, “This is not enough food for 100 men.” Elisha said, “They shall eat and also have part left over” (verse 43).

The world of Israel were familiar with Elisha and also this event. Jesus fed not 100 men however 5,000 men. Jesus fed lock not v 20 barley loaves but with 5 barley loaves. Jesus is much more than a prophet. The is the son of God. The is god’s Son pertained to die because that our sins.

Second, Jesus constantly provides because that His people. In note 6:34 Jesus “began to teach them plenty of things.” the met their spiritual needs. He then fed the people. He met your physical needs.

The scriptures teaches that we consist of 2 parts- body and soul. We have physical needs and spiritual needs. Jesus constantly meets the demands of His people.

Fathers carry out for your children. 1 Timothy 5:8 says, “But if anyone go not administer for his own, and especially for those of his very own household, he has denied the faith and also is worse than an unbeliever.” God cares for His children! as soon as we trust in Christ for salvation God i do not care our Father. He is responsible to care for us. There may be times of leanness throughout which God tests united state (Deuteronomy 8:2) however God always provides for His people.

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Every an excellent thing in life originates from God Himself. The apostle Paul said, “God did not leave himself without witness, in that He did great and offered you rains from heaven and also fruitful seasons, satisfying her hearts through food and also gladness” (Acts 14:17). God’s provision is proof of His existence. Together we job-related God offers for us.

It’s time come run. Trusses beckon and also there room a few details left in the high tunnel come finish. That is exceptional to offer a God that meets our physical and spiritual needs!

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