Step-by-step explanation: We are provided to find the midpoint that the line segment displayed in the figure.

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From the graph, we deserve to see that

the co-ordinates that the endpoints the the heat segment room (-1, 2) and also (7, 3).

We understand that

the co-ordinates the the midpoint of a heat segment with endpoints (a, b) and (c, d) is given by


Therefore, the co-ordinates the the midpoint that the provided line segment will be


Thus, the compelled midpoint the the provided line segment is


Option (C) is CORRECT.


Mashutka <201>11 months ago
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Option C is the exactly one
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7 month ago

Write an equation in slope-intercept line form form because that the heat perpendicular come 2x-3y=12 that passes with the point (8,5)
Alekssandra <29.7K>


Step-by-step explanation:

L1: 2x-3y=12 => the steep m1=-2/(-3)=2/3

L2 perpendicular to L1 => m2= -1/m1= -3/2

the suggest A(8,5) ∈ L2

=> y––xA)

L2: y-5=-3/2 *(x-8)

L2: 2y-10=-3x+24

L2: 3x+2y=34

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8 months ago

Please help
maxonik <38>

a. 3/4 mile

Step-by-step explanation:

We assume the Lewis"s residential or commercial property is 1 3/4 square miles in area, and also that it has actually a length of 2 1/3 miles. We can uncover the width utilizing the area formula.

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A = LW

1 3/4 = (2 1/3)W

7/4 = (7/3)W . . . . . Adjust to wrong fractions

(3/7)(7/4) = W = 3/4 . . . . Main point by 3/7

The broad of the residential or commercial property is 3/4 mile.

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11 months ago

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RSB <31>
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