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Antigone’s death causes the audience to feel __________.

animosity towards Creonanger toward Haemondistrust toward the godsdisrespect towards Antigone

Read the excerpt listed below from the play Antigone through Sophocles and answer the inquiry that follows.

CREON:No much more delay. You slaves, take it them inside.From this suggest on they have to act like womenand have no liberty come wander off.Even bold guys run once they watch Hadescoming close come them come snatch their lives.

What walk the passage reveal around the ancient Greek culture?

Some thought that ladies should have actually equal rights.Some thought that women have to be safeguarded from Hades.Some thought that women have to not be free.Some thought that females were treated together slaves.

According come Aristotle, a an excellent playwright go not require the aspect of __________.


Why is Creon the antagonist in the play Antigone?

He frames the protagonist for the crime.He stands in between the protagonist and also her goal.He is concerned the protagonist.He helps the protagonist reach her goal.

Read the excerpt listed below from Antigone by Sophocles and also answer the inquiry that follows.

ANTIGONE:I’ll execute my duty to my brother—and yours together well, if you’re not ready to.

Which rhetorical appeal does Antigone use in an attempt to guide Ismene to assist her bury Polyneices?


Read the excerpt listed below from Antigone by Sophocles and also answer the question that follows.

CHORUS:The battle’s done—let’s strive now to forgetwith songs and also dancing all night long,with Bacchus leading united state to do Thebes shake.

Which word describes the the atmosphere this passage creates for the audience?


Analyze the graphic organizer below and answer the question that follows.


Which plot occasion completes the organizer?

Citizens rebel versus CreonHaemon suggests with CreonChorus Leader lectures CreonGods warning Creon

Which theme do the catastrophic deaths of Haemon and also Eurydice reveal?

Disrespect towards the king outcomes in punishment.The can be fried authority belongs come the gods.Mothers love their children.Women space weaker 보다 men.

The setup of plot events in a tragedy discover __________.

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the desire of the audiencethe triumph of the disastrous herothe feeling of the playwrightthe downfall of the protagonist

Analyze the graphic organizer below and answer the inquiry that follows.


Which occasion completes the graphic organizer?

Athenian army assists ThebesAthenian army assists rebelsPolyneices and also Eteocles battleCreon fires cannons at the rebels



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