Japan is rapidly becoming the number one location to visit when traveling overseas, and also one of the factors is because you don’t need to learn the language before you visit. However, make certain you at the very least know exactly how to questioning “where is the bathroom” in Japanese.

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This is other that might come in very handy in ~ any allude in time!

Actually, there are a handful of super beneficial Japanese phrases that you will be able to use ~ above a everyday basis when walking about the highways of Tokyo or almost everywhere else in the country.

But for today, we will certainly just emphasis on this one necessary phrase so that you have the right to learn it, memorize it, and also then summon that to serve you at any time the require arises.

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1) how To Ask where The bathroom Is In Japanese
2) The Japanese Word for Toilet
3) just how To Tell between Men’s & Women’s
4) The Two types Of bathrooms In Japan
5) go You notice The Slippers?

How come Ask whereby The restroom Is In Japanese

There space several different ways come ask because that the restroom’s ar in Japanese, so ns figured that it would be a good idea to walk over each one of them so the you will be well-prepared.

The an initial way to ask offers the native お手洗い o-tearai i m sorry is the polite Japanese word because that “restroom” and can be provided in the adhering to phrase.

お手洗いはどこですか? (o-tearai wa doko desu ka?)Where is the restroom?

This phrase provides a very common pattern because that asking wherein things are located. If you must ask where something else it, such as the article office, all you should do is use the brand-new word in location of お手洗い in the sentence.

All that being said, there is in reality a 2nd pattern that is regularly used come ask where something the at, and also I think that a good idea to discover it now as an alternative means to ask.

お手洗いはどこにありますか。 (o-tearai wa doko ni arimasu ka?)Where is the restroom?

As you can see indigenous the two over examples, the distinction is the one uses です and the other offers にあります in the same part of the sentence.

It doesn’t really do a distinction which one girlfriend use, for this reason feel complimentary to switch in between either that them.

The Japanese Word for Toilet

As it turns out, the Japanese often use the word トイレ (toire) in Japanese because that “toilet” and if your ear were maybe to choose up top top the similarities in exactly how these 2 words sound, you may have established that トイレ is a loan native taken directly from English.

This is a an ext casual word the you deserve to use instead of お手洗い for once you are hanging out v friends, or as soon as you space in a case that doesn’t really call for you to speak formally.

So one alternative that friend have obtainable to you is to use the two phrases I listed above, and simply replace お手洗い v this brand-new word トイレ and also it will work out just fine.

But I wanted to offer you some different phrases so that you have the right to express you yourself in a pair of different ways.

The first one is once you want to call someone the you “have to walk to the bathroom” i beg your pardon of course allows them recognize that you’re sort of hurting and need to acquire there quickly.

すみません、トイレに行きたいんですが… (sumimasen, toire ni ikitai n desu ga…)Excuse me, I should go come the toilet…

The very first word in this sentence way “excuse me” in Japanese and is a very common one that you will hear often.

You already know what トイレ means, so allows move on to 行きたい which method “I desire to walk to” and also is the natural method to tell other people that you should use the restroom.

The んですが at the end is really only added for politeness.

Speaking of gift polite, what if you’re in ~ someone’s house and you want to make a an excellent impression through speaking very politely? There space a pair of methods to carry out so once you have to relieve yourself.

Just save in mind that these phrases have tendency to obtain longer the more formal lock become.

トイレを使ってもいいでしょうか? (toire o tsukatte mo ii deshō ka?)May I usage the toilet?

The crucial part of this question is 使ってもいい which method “may ns use” in Japanese and also is a pretty typical pattern the gets offered when seeking permission to perform something.

The finishing でしょうか is a politer variation of ですか which you saw earlier.

Also something to save in mind is that words 借りる (kariru) which method “to borrow” in Japanese is generally used in polite instances when questioning to use another person’s lavatory.

お手洗いをお借りしても宜しいでしょうか? (o-tearai o o-kari shitemo yoroshii deshō ka?)May i please use the washroom?

Again we deserve to see how much longer the expression gets. This one has the highest level of politeness the end of every the persons you’ve seen so far, and would be provided when in a person’s house rather than as soon as out in public.

The only new word in it is 宜しい which method the very same thing as いい for “ok” in Japanese, yet falls under the category of respectful language. It is regularly used once speaking to someone over you in status.

How come Tell between Men’s & Women’s

If you’re out in public, then you will probably be command to the commodes that anyone uses.

But then you’ll need to know i beg your pardon one is because that men and also which one is because that women! the is something that you certainly don’t want to get wrong while traveling in a international country.

The fortunate thing is that because of the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, Japan is law a major redesign on many of their indications to include both Japanese and English!

But just in situation you’re in a location that hasn’t to be updated come bi-lingual, this is what girlfriend will need to know.

The prize 男 means “men” in Japanese and also is pronounce otoko

The symbol 女 means “women” in Japanese and also is express onna.

I would recommend the you compose them down in your note pad or call somewhere the you can pull out and reference when you are in the situation.

On the various other hand, friend could additionally just wait and also see i m sorry one a regional uses, and then follow suit. Hopefully there’s a many people approximately if you discover yourself needing to usage this last will tactic.

The Two types Of commodes In Japan

I think that it’s worth pointed out the 2 primary species of bathrooms in Japan so the you are mindful of what friend are obtaining yourself into.

The very first type is possibly what you would expect out that the country that establishes robots and life-sized mecchas.

That is come say, it has a most gadgets!




| image credit: Chris 73 |

That’s right, it’s a squatting toilet!

You probably understand that this style of toilet is the most common in Asia. You see it a lot much more in the various other ones next to Japan, such together China, Taiwan, and also such.

But of course there room still several of them in Japan, so ns hope that you have been practicing her squats.

I will warn girlfriend now, act a Number two while squatting is no as basic as girlfriend may at first think. You really start to inquiry some of your life options after around a minute once your thighs start to burn.

If I deserve to leave you through some great news, it would certainly be that as with how Japan is updating their indications to include English ~ above them, lock are also updating a lot of these commodes to enhance the western style that we observed in the an initial picture.

Japan is act a the majority of work to do itself less complicated on travelers, and also the toilets are one of those locations that room in the spotlight.

Did You an alert The Slippers?

By the way, walk you know that there room bathroom slippers that you are supposed to undertake while making use of the restroom in Japan?

You view it a lot of in people’s homes, schools, traditional restaurants, and so on.

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The straightforward idea is to eliminate your at home slippers and then use the bathroom people so that you deserve to keep those specific germs and also such in the bathroom, rather of dispersing them all around the house.

So if friend see some of them in your friends home, be sure to put them to good use!

Have you used a Japanese restroom before? What do you think around the heated seats?