Born a freeman in Pennsylvania in 1827, Jonathan Gibbs was the boy of Maria Jackson and the Methodist minister, Jonathan Gibbs.

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Gibbs was originally trained together a carpenter till in 1848. Climate he became one of just two afri Americans welcomed at Dartmouth university in new Hampshire. After ~ graduating four years later he enrolled in the seminary in ~ Princeton University. In 1852 Gibbs came to be an ordained minister to black color Presbyterian congregations in brand-new York and Pennsylvania.

During the 1850s Gibbs was a political activist who fought of the rights of african Americans. That aided with the underground Railroad, campaigned for the development of black male suffrage in brand-new York, join the freedmen’s relief efforts and fought distinction on new York City streetcars. Gibbs likewise served together vice president of the Pennsylvania State Equal rights League. As soon as the civil War damaged out Gibbs sustained black enlistment right into the union army. Top top January first 1863 he gave a rousing decided “A Day come Celebrate Emancipation” come the audience of an initial African Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia praising the efforts of afri Americans through previous heroes choose Crispus Attucks as much as the afri American’s role during the civil War. He additionally praised the freshly announced Emancipation Proclamation which took impact that day.

In 1865, Gibbs was by the sent out by the Presbyterian Church to Florida come organize churches and schools for the recently freed afri Americans. If in Florida that became energetic in the newly created Republican Party and also in 1868 was chosen to the Florida State constitutional Convention. Gibbs was also Secretary of State for Florida in 1868, a post he held until 1872. His fairness in the administration of his office garnered the respects the his party members and some Democrats.

In 1872, Gibbs to be appointed Superintendent of publicly Education, a position created by the restoration Era Florida legislature. In the office Gibbs supervised every county’s typical of education and also established uniform textbooks transparent the state. Despite the criter for education and learning had improved throughout Florida, he referred to as racial segregation in the schools, which was additionally mandated by the state legislature, divisive because that the overall advance of education.

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After giving a speech at a Republican conference in 1874 Gibbs later died unexpectedly that night. The factor for his fatality is unknown. Some case he suffered a heart strike while others speculated the may have been poisoned by his white politics enemies. Regardless of the reason of Gibb’s death, that was significantly respected for his success and contradicted the cases made by numerous white southern Democrats that ignorant, illiterate blacks ran the ex-Confederate states during the repair era.

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