Rayan Lopez or ray Ray is an American rapper. He became famous after his inclusion in the young band ‘Mindless Behavior’. Together a an important member the the original group, Rayan witnessed beforehand success and stardom with number of nominations at popular music awards. The tape posed to it is in a serious challenger to several modern boy bands in 2011 and also went on to success the ‘BET Coca-Cola Viewers an option Award’ in 2012. Rayan left the band in 2015 and embarked on a solo music career. The has functioned with dancer ‘Tommy the Clown’ in the past and has additionally performed at the concert of a couple of established music celebrities prefer Justin Bieber. That is known global by his band surname ‘Ray Ray’. He join ‘Twitter’ and also ‘Facebook’ in 2014 however isn’t very active on society media.

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Rayan prospered up in California hope to one-day take over the music sector with his inborn talent together a rapper. After functioning at numerous odd jobs including a stint v dancer ‘Tommy the Clown’, he finally landed a lifetime opportunity once he join the ‘Mindless behavior’ young band v the lead rapper, Roc imperial in 2008. Because that the next two year the group groomed themselves for performances and worked with each other at shows.
His debut album ‘#1 Girl’ exit in 2011 and booked the number seven spot on the ‘US Billboard 200’ in its an initial week. After ~ his early success, that toured with his band and performed at the concert of famed music artist such together Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Janet Jackson and also ‘Backstreet Boys’. The following year in July the toured through his band fostering his debut album ‘#1 Girl’ in 25 cities of the united States.
The group released their 2nd studio album titled ‘All roughly the World’ ~ above 12th march 2013. However, after getting much success v singles prefer ‘My Girl’ and ‘Mrs. Right’, the detoured native the group to seek a solo music career in 2015. He freshly released a music video clip called ‘Glow skies Friends’ ~ above his ‘YouTube’ account.
Rayan complied with his dreams to find success in his teen years. In ~ twenty-one, the has currently established a location for self in the music industry. His difficult work and also dedication has actually driven him to stardom. He has actually been an inspiration to several adolescents around the world who aspire to construct a job in the entertain industry. At the same time, that humbly owes his accomplishments to the support he has received native both his family and friends.
Rayan Lopez likes come steer clear of any kind of unwanted publicity and thus not lot is known around his an individual affairs. However, in one interview the once proclaimed that personally from to sing he is a sports fanatic. He functions on his music and also spends high quality time through his family and friends at any time he deserve to spare time. That loves playing pranks top top his friends and also is described as the funny one in his group.
When it pertains to setting new trends, Rayan is no the one to hold back; the is well-known for his long hair, i beg your pardon he usually braids and is likewise famous because that performing put on goggles.
He was born on sixth January 1996 in Los Angeles, California, come Keisha Gibson and his Ryan Lopez. That has four siblings. He went to consistent school before he made decision to pursue a job in music. The is the African-American, Belizean and also Indian ancestry. He started his career together a Krump dancer and also gradually began creating his own rap songs.

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After he join ‘Mindless Behavior’, the was attached with many female artists including one of the vocalists of the girl band ‘OMG Girlz’ yet went on come deny such rumors. After ~ his exit from the band, the openly declared his connection with Jahmia Jackson, who is a remote relative that the Jackson family. The couple seems to it is in in a significant relationship and on sixth January 2017, the announced the they were going to have actually their very first baby and also that he was looking front to ending up being a father. The believes the obligation of fatherhood will help him occupational harder and will encourage the to develop an also bigger location for self in the world of music.
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