Seller: funstufffromor ✉️ (312) 100%, Location: Albany, Oregon, US, Ships to: US, Item: 274673569858 Wards Western ar .22 S/L- LR parts and also pieces (Mossberg 45B???). Here are some components for a Wards Western field 04M 419A, .22 - S-L-LR (on line claims it was made through Mossberg and is a 45B, that might or might not it is in correct). I think this is native the at an early stage 1950’s or before. Over there is a light coating of rust on many of the parts so castle will need a an excellent cleanup. I also have the stock which is very scratched and also dinged up, the butt plate is missing. The share does have the create guard assembly attached. This auction is for all of the parts you watch in the photos. The only exception is ns would eliminate the create guard from the stock and also include the trigger guard together a part with the other items and not incorporate the wooden stock, shipping would certainly be lower– the one is as much as you. Over there is a former (has peep hole attachment) and rear sites and also a preventive rear site for miscellaneous else. There room a few screws which are not in great shape, and various various other parts. The group contains the loading tube together well. Please ask concern or request more photos if you require clarification. PayPal is the only payment an approach accepted and I ship to the confirmed PayPal resolve “Only”. Ns ship and sell come the USA, which means the reduced 48 says - Alaska and also Hawaii shipping might be much more expensive, “contact me prior to you bid”. I typically ship in ~ 2 to 3 organization days (excluding weekends and also holidays) “After” your payment Is cleared v PayPal. All items are sold “As is” through no refunds because of their age. Every one of my item come from estate or garage sales, ns “DO NOT” stand for or guarantee they come indigenous smoke or pet totally free homes. If this is an issue for you, you re welcome don"t bid on mine items. Ask concerns or inquiry photos because that clarification “prior” to bidding. Payment is to be made within 3 (3) job or one unpaid item situation will be opened in the E-bay Resolution Center. Many thanks for spring and good luck bidding!Condition: Used, Specific Part: web page front and also rear, Trigger, trigger guard, Brand: Wards west Field, Compatible Caliber: .22 S/L - LR, For total Make: Wards west Field, Part Material: Steel and wood, Type: Sights, Barrel parts, Stock, Trigger and guard check out More

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