So, let’s say you’ve to be psyching you yourself up about eating your very own cum every week. It’s all you’ve thought. The large night comes, you’re rotate on, gained your favourite porn going, you can feel the orgasm coming, you’re excited, this is it! You’re gonna fucking eat that fucking cum! five shit… IT’S HAPPENING! oh FUCK! Yessssssss, stream after stream of thick, warm cum shooting anywhere your ship in every its sloppy glory. Girlfriend look down at the all, look on her tummy in the light. Friend scoop some up through your fingers, raise castle to her lips AND…



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Not fucking happening.

The the atmosphere is entirely gone.

Suddenly, the thought of eat your very own cum is currently the furthest thing from her mind and also all you want to do is clean up and get ago to playing video clip games.

I’ve to be there too. When I to be younger I invested a most time trying to psych myself as much as eat my own cum but I constantly ended up chickening out. Think it or not, it’s in reality SUPER common for the desire come wane after ~ you’ve ejaculated.

In fact, simply do a fast google find over psychological blocks around eating your very own cum and your uncover tons the forum threads to fill with people talking about the mental block and also shame that keeps them from fulfilling your cum eat fantasies.

Unfortunately, you’ll also find a many homophobic responses, replies teeming v toxic masculinity, and a most really, really negative advice.

Note: please, carry out NOT attempt the “climb your feet up the wall surface and aim her cumshot straight into your mouth” method. Not just is this supervisor uncomfortable and messy, but you deserve to also totally fuck increase your ago and/or neck should you shed your footing.

Here’s the point though: friend don’t need to jump right right into scooping a entirety palm complete of her cum into your mouth, and you don’t also have to swallow her cum right up. Below are 4 tips on how to take your time and also enjoy your cum at your very own pace:

1. Edge and also Snack on her Pre-Cum

Little bites, y’all! The following time you find yourself feeling curious, take your time through the totality thing by edging you yourself for a while. What’s edging you ask? Why, it’s the act of building yourself to the leaf of an orgasm, yet stopping just prior to one occurs, to draw out the quantity of time it takes for you come climax and to intensify the emotion of your orgasm. Through practice, you deserve to literally edge yourself for hours. Think me…

So, when the atmosphere strikes, and you have an hour or so to spare, start teasing and also stroking you yourself slowly. I find that reading some hentai or sex comics, watching porn, or looking in ~ lewds really helps increase arousal and improves the as whole flow of pre-cum girlfriend can gain going. If you gain close to ejaculating, take her hands turn off of yourself fully and let the orgasm emotion dissipate until it is fully gone, then go back to playing.


As you do this you’ll likely build up rather a drizzle that pre-cum, so, dab that shit up through your finger and also give it a taste! This will offer you a far better idea the what your cum will taste prefer and, hopefully, will certainly leave friend craving more.

2. Eat her Cum ~ above Food

Not even joking here. One of my personal favorite ways to eat my very own cum is by mixing it into a meal, or, simply ejaculating top top a piece of cake or right into a pudding cup or something. Not just is it hot as fuck, yet if you’re worried about taste and texture this is a good way to progressively ease yourself into the totality thing through associating your cum with delicious flavors and it typically being a “treat”.

Some of my personal favorite points to eat cum with are: coco pudding, cacao bars/cakes, most flavors of ice cream, pastries, and also peanut butter sandwiches.


3. Unpack What Anxieties or Fears may Be Holding girlfriend Back

Be it strictly the end of curiosity, because that fetish fulfillment, or any kind of other reason, if you’re yes, really struggling to obtain past the mental block it might be beneficial to ask you yourself what’s yes, really holding you ago from doing it.

Are you fear of the taste your cum can have? room you put off by how it looks after friend ejaculate? are you worried the eating it will certainly somehow “make you gay” or otherwise subvert your sexuality or gender identity?

In every of these cases there room absolutely means to work-related through them. For example, if you’re worried around taste climate it might be time to re-consider her diet together what you eat deserve to certainly affect the flavor of your semen and also if you’re worried about “turning gay”, don’t be. You don’t rotate queer from eating your own cum… or perform you…?

I mean, ns eat my cum and also I’m queer together fuck!

But seriously though, eating your very own cum does no make you happy or specify your sexuality in any way…. Or go it!?

4. Questioning For some Help

If you’re in a partnership of part kind, it is in it monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, or strictly sexual, encompass your partner, lover, friend, or fuck buddy! permit them know around your desire to try eating your own cum and see if they might be interested in helping. I happen to be polyamorous, so, I have actually two amazing partners that enjoy providing me a hand.

Up until a few years earlier though I had only consumed my own cum probably a pair of times, however I really want to again. As soon as I called my partner Fal castle were actually really excited to assist me out! ns think that was actually that exact same day that they then gave me a blowjob and also as quickly as I had actually ejaculated in your mouth they crawled up to my face and kissed me, pushing all of my cum right into my mouth.

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FUCK. YES. I was hooked. Currently one of my favorite points to do is fuck mine partners, one of two people Fal or Kate, and eat them out after ejaculating, which castle love too because that the course method lots of dental for castle both!

Now walk forth and challenge that shitty mental block! have fun, however if you eventually decide the eating your own cum just isn’t your thing, that’s cool too. Worst situation scenario, you’ll have actually jerked off a ton, learned how fun edging can be, and also have had a sandwich. Sounds choose a great day come me one of two people way.