when I looked up the word "half", I"ve uncovered "two and a fifty percent year" is a exactly phrase. But I"ve checked out some Americans use "two years and (a) half" quite often and it confuses me. Is it exactly to use any kind of of the following phrases in conversation or writing?

two years and also a half

two years and half

two and also a half years


I agree the "two and a fifty percent years" is the most common means to speak it in English. Yet "two years and also a half" is likewise very an excinvernessgangshow.netent English, perhaps a trifle ~ above the literary side. Girlfriend could likewise say "two years, and fifty percent of another".

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I do not see anything ungrammatical about any the the alternatives. Maybe there"s something the I carry out not understand yet. However, i think two and half years is more common amongst non-native speakers, a likely influence of mother-tongue structure.

All four creates are great and acceptable. However, the trend appears to have changed around the rotate of the century native two years and also a half (now thought about too literary/ also formal, perhaps) come two and a half years. The various other two creates are discovered to a very tiny extent.

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Typically, we say two and a half years.

But if who asks you how old a child is, "years" is usually omitted: "He"s two and also a half."

It"s no really a inquiry of grammaticality; one means is simply much much more common than the others.


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