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Spark plugs room an integral part of her vehicle’s engine. They room responsible because that triggering the ignition of fuel to obtain your automobile started and also ready come go.

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As v all plugs and also electrical components, they have actually a shelf life, and also at part point, girlfriend will need to replace your spark plug.

Even those with 5.4 Tritons will have to replace your plugs at details intervals.


But i m sorry plug carry out you need? There space so plenty of replacement spark plugs ~ above the market, and also with such a variety in price, it’s hard to know which is the ideal one.

But before you descend into plug panic, are afraid not! for we have done every the tough work for you! Keep reading to uncover the 5 finest replacement spark plugs for 5.4 Triton!

We have also added a buyer’s guide and FAQ section so the you can leave here today a spark plug expert!

In a hurry? check out our peak pick to grab her spark plug and go!

Table of Contents

5 best Replacement Spark Plugs because that 5.4 TritonBuyer’s GuideFrequently request Questions

5 ideal Replacement Spark Plugs because that 5.4 Triton

1. ENA set of 8 Platinum Spark Plugs

ENA offers a terrific set of 8 platinum spark plugs that won’t break the bank! this plugs space compatible with miscellaneous Ford models from 2004-2008 and also a selection of Lincoln vehicles! They room bound to be compatible with your car!

Before purchasing, be sure to inspect that her car’s make and model will be compatible with these spark plugs. They room engineered because that original devices or together replacements, great for those making changes to their engines!

You won’t should worry around safety through these spark plugs either. Every component within the plug matches or above the OE specifications.

It it is intended consistent and also superior performance compared to other plugs top top the market! You also get a one-year limited warranty with the plugs. There is finish peace the mind v ENA’s spark plugs!

The platinum supplied in this plugs provides magnified durability and performance that will stand the check of time. It also offers a higher melting point, so your engine will certainly not operation the danger of melt this plug easily!

The plug is also shocks and also vibration resistant so that it can cope v off-road or bumpy driving!

The facility electrode pointer wears less than a standard spark plug too. This adds come the longevity the the plug to market years of reputable service. It features direct pin-to-pin replacement into your automobile for a quick and easy installation.

ENA’s spark plug is designed through erosion and also oxidation-resistant alloy that increases its longevity too!

Customers praised exactly how well the spark plugs worked! They experienced a substantial reduction, if no an elimination of misfire as soon as igniting the engine. Customers were also pleased with how quick and also easy it was installing the spark plug.

Some client did have problems with the plugs no lasting for as long as they would certainly like, with some only lasting a month. This problem was not commonly reported, for this reason it need to not it is in an issue.

Be sure to inspect that the plugs are an ideal for your vehicle and contact customer support if you have any kind of problems.

If you room after a high-quality spark plug the is certain to stand the test of time, this fantastic value multi-pack from ENA is the one for you!

Affordable multi-packSome customers detailed issues v the plugs no lasting long.
The plugs match or exceed OE standards
Platinum provides durability and higher melting points
Center electrode supplies years of dependable service
1-year warranty

Platinum Spark Plugs space engineered for original equipment and also replacement applications. Every component one of two people matches or boosts on the OE style to for sure fast and also easy installation with remarkable performance and also reliabilityThese spark plugs provide far better durability and also performance for better ignitabilityThe facility electrode tip wears much less than a traditional spark plug giving years of reputable serviceRemedies typical spark plug worries such as slow-moving acceleration, negative fuel economy, engine misfires, unstable start and idle1 Year restricted Warranty - you re welcome use enter your vehicle in your Amazon Garage over to watch if this component is compatible v your automobile

More time come browse? examine out our other great options below!

2. MAS Ignition Coil DG508 & Motorcraft Spark Plug (Set that 8)

For those after a set of plugs with wonderful value for money, MAS Ignition has the ones for you! This collection of eight ignition coils and spark plugs space compatible with a wide range of models to carry out reliable use.

Be certain to usage the design checker come ensure the the plug will fit her car! Simply get in the year, make, and model of your automobile for outcomes in seconds!

They space made to achieve or exceed OE specifications and also undergo strict quality manage testing prior to being offered to ensure the performance is nothing brief of perfection.

You won’t need to worry about safety v these plugs! They additionally come with a one-year warranty, for this reason satisfaction and also safety are guaranteed!

The coils and also plugs are extremely easy come install and also are made through high-grade materials. The coils attribute a special copper wire, which promotes higher ignition energy. They additionally have high warm resistance too and promote low-emissions.

Using the equivalent ignition coil and also spark plug allows for a soft startup in engines. It gives a comfortable ride and an identical mechanism the is sure to stand the check of time.

The spark plugs job-related to mitigate RFI (Radio-Frequency Interference) and also tailpipe issues. This reduce unnecessary fuel burn to improve fuel efficiency and save girlfriend money in the lengthy run!

Customers loved the terrific value for money and also found that they it is long well. They worked to fix engine misfire issues typical with faulty spark plugs and also delivered consistent results.

While we room confident the these plugs will be a good fit for her 5.4L Triton, part customers did note restrictions with these spark plugs and ignition coils’ compatibility. Be certain to examine your car is compatible before purchasing to avoid any kind of disappointment!

MAS ignition’s coils and spark plugs room made the the highest quality and also are built to was standing the test of time. If you space after reliability, basic installation, and also a good price, climate look no further!

A an excellent value multi-pack collection of ignition coils and spark plugsCompatibility is no as terrific as other plugs.
Made come OE typical for optimum performance and also reliability
High warm resistance
Easy come install
One year warranty

Please use the year/make/model drop down bar and also interchangeable part numbers to confirm compatibility.OE STANDARD: all of the ignition coils are developed to attain or exceed OE specifications, subject to strict quality manage testing,offer the best possible performance and also dependability. Replace instead replace REF# DG508MAS ignition coils are simple to install,it use the high great materials,Each coil is architecture for particular application, low-emissions, high power output.High warmth resistant link for ours ignition coil on plug boot to withstanding warm stress for much longer durability.Replaces part numbers: DG508 SP479 DG457 DG472 DG491 F523 DG508 3W7Z12029AA, COP9 FD503 DG467 DG473 DG481 FD493 DQ50101 FD503T, C566 F7TU12A366AB GN10164 1L2U12029AA 1L2U12A366AMAS power IGNITION COILS with MOTORCRAFT PLUGS SP479 , ONE YEAR minimal WARRANTY

3. Set of 8 OEM Motorcraft Platinum SP546 HT13 Spark Plugs

If you room after a good value pack, OEM’s Motorcraft spark plugs are terrific option! The collection of eight spark plugs gives excellent value for money.

The plugs function platinum tips to provide durability and strength to the plugs. They are compatible through a wide variety of vehicles too. Many thanks to the compatibility checker, you deserve to ensure lock are an ideal for your vehicle’s make and also model before purchasing.

The high-quality plug provides accuracy allowing for better driving efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

It functions a singular platinum tip and also nickel alloy electrodes. These materials offer outstanding heat resistance and also help assist in corrosion resistance.

The plugs are simple to install and also work to keep your engine for sure from any type of obstructions. The expansion tip is finely wired come prevent any type of on-road fouling. What’s great about the plug is it initiates self-cleaning at greater speeds! fantastic feature come have.

Some customers detailed issues with void erosion. Be sure that the plug correctly fills the gap while installation to avoid any kind of issues later on down the road.

This was not a widely reported issue, for this reason you must not have any issues. It is always worth check the one-year vouch to see if you will be extended for any type of erosion.

Customers loved the plugs’ longevity, with numerous citing 100,000 mile of use prior to needing to be replaced. Part customers even reached 175,000 miles!

You get a fantastic lifespan with these plugs. They recommend ensuring you have plenty of time to install the plugs, too, although as soon as you have done it when the process is straightforward.

These spark plugs are terrific choice, built with materials designed to accomplish or exceed OEM specifications. They are a reasonably priced bundle collection you don’t desire to it is in without!

Set that 8 multi-packSome customers provided issues with space erosion.
Platinum tips
Compatible v a selection of vehicles
Easy to install
Keeps engine safe from any type of obstructions

4. MAS Ignition Coils DG11 v Motorcraft SP515 SP546 Spark Plugs

Another excellent collection is this MAS Ignition Coils with Motorcraft Spark plugs. The collection of 8 is slightly pricer 보다 others consisted of in this list, but are made from wonderful quality.

Be certain to examine when to buy not just the make and also model that your vehicle for compatibility but additionally whether your boot is curved or not. This info will enable you to choose the correct ignition coil native this collection if needed.

Having both coils and also plugs in this collection covers you against any potential engine issues, allowing you to deal with them at house quickly.

The coils space made with the high-quality copper and also are design to alleviate the misfire in her engine. You gain two selections of spark plugs, SP515 and also SP456, which are both encourage by Ford engine Company, therefore you understand you room in for sure hands!

The plugs feature high-quality platinum come deliver greater melting points and are corrosion resistant. Castle are good for Ford 5.4L models, particularly those do 2004-2008, for this reason we space sure they will certainly be wonderful fit for your Triton!

A one-year limited warranty backs the plugs and coils therefore you deserve to use lock worry-free! don’t forget come consult customer service if you encounter any type of issues through the plugs or coils!

Customers raved around the high-quality that the collection and uncovered that your fuel usage dramatically boosted after use. Lock praised the plugs’ longevity and also found they could run them because that a reasonable length of time prior to they essential replacing.

While they space expensive contrasted to various other plugs on this list, if you have actually the budget, they are an excellent option!

Compatible through a wide variety of vehiclesOn the pricier side
Multi-pack value, spark plugs, and also ignition coils included
Options because that curved and also straight boots
Easy to install
High-quality copper

5. AD Auto Parts new Motorcraft (SP515) Spark Plug (Pack that 8)

For those that crave outstanding quality and precision, this spark plugs from ad Auto parts are the one because that you!

The SP515 spark plugs are designed, engineered, and also recommended through Ford engine Company, therefore you recognize you can put your faith in these!

They space compatible with many vehicles and are recommended especially for Ford, Lincoln, and also Mercury vehicles!

Be certain to usage the car checker before purchasing to ensure her car’s make and model is perfect for the spark plug! together Ford proposal these, you have to not have any issues!

The multi-pack attributes eight spark plugs at an affordable price, so friend will never run out of spark plugs! These space made through platinum tips to deliver high-quality to your plugs.

Platinum uses a high melting suggest to this spark plugs, giving superior resistance to erosion than other plugs ~ above the market.

SP515 spark plugs space made with precision in mind. They space top-quality plugs that come with a precise fit to administer enhanced performance and also eliminate any gaps.

The plugs have actually a mile interval of 60,000 come 100,000, which is an extremely impressive. Girlfriend will have the ability to maintain optimum engine performance for the term of this interval, permitting you to drive worry-free.

Some customers detailed that these spark plugs took a tiny while to it is in installed. They said a great deal that prep job-related was needed to ensure the the plugs could be installed without breaking any.

Once installed, customers praised exactly how well the plugs worked. One customer was even able to gain 98,000 mile of use prior to the plug necessary to be replaced! Think of all the roadway trips you can go on with simply one plug!

If you space after terrific value pack of premium high quality spark plugs, then this collection from ad Auto components is the one because that you!

Affordable multi-packSome customers uncovered the plugs take it a while to install.
Recommended by Ford
Top-quality precision to avoid gaps
High melting suggest resists erosion
60,000-100,000 mile intervals

Designed, engineers, and also recommended by Ford motor Company. Motorcraft represents quality, dependability, and also performance.Fit many automobiles and also specialty applications. Recommended because that Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles.Provide top quality and precision fit to maximize performance through unmatched coverage.Platinum"s high melting allude provides exceptional resistance come erosion resulting in 60,000 to 100,000 mile intervals between spark plug changes, while maintaining optimum engine performance.Pack the 8.

Buyer’s Guide

Need part guidance v buying her replacement spark plugs, our buyer’s overview can assist you there!


The very first thing you require to recognize is whether the spark plug is compatible with your vehicle.

If the plug is no compatible, then you aren’t going to view the right results. Incompatible plugs will not to the right properly and often leaving gaps, i beg your pardon can cause severe worries down the line.

Thankfully, choosing the compatible plug is not a video game of guesswork! most manufacturers permit you to examine the plug will be compatible through entering her vehicle’s design number.

You will be told whether the plug is compatible or no then. For this reason be certain to have your vehicle’s version number in ~ the ready when in search of your spark plug!


As through most electric devices, the performance of your spark plug depends on an excellent quality materials being used.

The framework of the spark plug have to contain steel to ensure excellent strength and longevity.

Platinum or iridium reminder spark plugs are some of the most popular and also top-quality spark plugs ~ above the market. Be certain to inspect the electrode prior to purchasing come ensure the toughness is appropriate.

Changing Intervals

Unfortunately, no spark plug will certainly last forever, so girlfriend must check the estimated organization interval on the spark plug.

The estimation is usually offered in miles and also indicates at what point your plug will need maintenance or be replaced.

As a general rule, opt for spark plugs that have in between 60,000 to 100,000 miles of the estimated organization interval.

It is precious noting the these approximates are only estimates. Friend can get less or an ext miles relying on your driving, the very same you would through fuel.

How hot deserve to it go?

Another critical factor to take into consideration is the melting allude of her replacement spark plug. Her engine will certainly be hot as quickly as that starts up, and your plug needs to be able to handle these high temperatures.

Platinum advice again room a strong an option to consider. Castle usually have actually a high melting point and resist bursting.

Look out for these plugs and pay fist to their melting points. ~ all, there’s no point replacing the plug if it is going come melt straight away, is there?

Look out for plugs that room advertised together corrosion resistant too. These will have used materials or coatings that will defend the plug’s inner components from any damage. The is always worth checking out customer evaluate to view their thoughts on the performance of the plug.

Easy come install?

When purchasing her spark plug, having actually one the is straightforward to download is constantly a bonus! Thankfully, most spark plug replacements room straightforward to install.

Keep an eye out for those provided as basic to install or plugs that have actually been praised for being basic to download by other customers. These room the best options for people who have never readjusted a spark plug before.

As with any type of electrical component, take it extra care and ensure you have actually all the crucial protective equipment. There is likewise a riches of tutorials easily accessible online need to you run into any difficulties.

How much?

When it concerns replacement spark plugs, the price can vary relying on the brand and also materials used. The does not median you require to setup a financial institution heist to acquire the correct spark plug because that you and your needs!

Be certain to collection a clear budget plan when purchasing her spark plug and stick to it as closely as possible. Consider the materials that girlfriend want and also how plenty of miles before service when setting your budget.

Remember that you don’t require a high budget; over there is a great quality replacement spark plug to fit every budget!


As with any electrical component, check the warranty prior to purchasing her spark plug is a good idea. You desire to be sure that have to anything happen; you will certainly be protected.

Usually, electrical contents will come through a 12-month warranty. This info is generally presented in the product summary or listed in the manual.

It is always worth checking in the warranty section what can void your warranty. Often alters to the internal components by yourself deserve to void warranties, so be sure to check prior to undertaking any type of work!

Frequently inquiry Questions

Get her last-minute queries reply here!

How long do spark plugs last?

Spark plugs have a kind life, averaging roughly 100,000 to 120,000 miles with factory service intervals.

The lifespan can vary depending on the material of the spark plug. Because that example, platinum and also iridium plugs deserve to go up to 10,000 miles before needing servicing or replacing.

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How carry out I understand my spark plug has actually gone bad?

Spark plugs, unfortunately, don’t last forever; they can fail or deteriorate. You have the right to look for common symptoms as soon as they start to undertake out, for this reason you aren’t left through a nasty shock as soon as it fails!

Keep an eye out for a tough startup, sluggish acceleration, rough idle, engine misfire, surging, hesitating, and low fuel economy. Any type of of these symptoms or a combination can imply it is time to change your spark plug.

Remember come consult a experienced if girlfriend have any type of concerns or hesitations about replacing the plug yourself!

Platinum Spark Plugs space engineered for original equipment and replacement applications. Every component either matches or boosts on the OE design to for sure fast and also easy environment with exceptional performance and reliabilityThese spark plugs provide far better durability and also performance for better ignitabilityThe facility electrode tip wears less than a standard spark plug providing years of reputable serviceRemedies typical spark plug problems such as slow acceleration, negative fuel economy, engine misfires, rough start and also idle1 Year minimal Warranty - you re welcome use get in your automobile in her Amazon Garage above to see if this component is compatible v your automobile
Please use the year/make/model drop down bar and interchangeable part numbers to check compatibility.OE STANDARD: every one of the ignition coils are developed to accomplish or exceed OE specifications, subject to strict quality control testing,offer the best feasible performance and also dependability. Replace instead replace REF# DG508MAS ignition coils are simple to install,it usage the high great materials,Each coil is architecture for certain application, low-emissions, high power output.High warm resistant link for our ignition coil on plug boots to withstanding warmth stress for longer durability.Replaces part numbers: DG508 SP479 DG457 DG472 DG491 F523 DG508 3W7Z12029AA, COP9 FD503 DG467 DG473 DG481 FD493 DQ50101 FD503T, C566 F7TU12A366AB GN10164 1L2U12029AA 1L2U12A366AMAS power IGNITION COILS through MOTORCRAFT PLUGS SP479 , ONE YEAR minimal WARRANTY