Learning the piano keys on the keyboard? here is an easy means to learn your piano keys!

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To evaluate what this visual means, you will want to listen the story the goes v it!


What’s the story the goes v the piano vital names?

If you look closely, girlfriend will uncover a story on each piano keyboard! The piano has barns and also houses. The barn (a collection of 2 black keys) is wherein the dog lives. The cat likes to remain outside and catch all the mice. The elephant, that course, no fit in the barn! for this reason he remains in the yard. Then, you deserve to walk across the yard (the two white keys without any kind of black an essential in between) to the prior door. When you knock and also go in, Grandma is the an initial one to give you a huge hug! Then, you space surprised to find your aunt visiting Grandma’s home as well! You can go the end the ago door on your means home.

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Naming the White Keys

This visual and also story is perfect for to teach the white an essential names the the piano keyboard. Every of the collection you see right here repeats chin over and over again on the piano. Yet once you deserve to relate the tricks to objects and also story the you are acquainted with, the mind latches on and also it renders it much less complicated to psychic the an essential name!

C-D-E-F-G-A-B comprise the musical alphabet. Every of the letters stand for a tone in music. Each tone have the right to be repeated, higher and lower. Which is why you have a repeat of note names top top the keyboard! because that example, a C that is play on the keyboard sounds a tone. The tone deserve to be found again, 8 notes higher on the keyboard. That is the same tone, simply higher. Friend can proceed to uncover the exact same tone top top the piano till you operation out that keyboard.

It is beneficial to orient you yourself on the keyboard. There room 52 white keys on the keyboard. This white keys have the right to be identified by the teams of black tricks on the keyboard. There space 36 black keys, and also these space grouped right into 2’s and also 3’s. Once you can identify the groups, then you can start figuring out the keys.

The teams of 2 are stood for in this visual by a barn. A barn is smaller than a home (at least, us hope, lol!) and thus a team of 3 black secrets represents the grandma’s house.

The key to the prompt left that the team of 2 (the barn) is a C. The an essential between the group of 2 black secrets is a D. The an essential to the prompt right of the collection of 2 black keys is an E.

The white crucial to the immediate left of the team of 3 black tricks is one F. The next crucial is a G. The next crucial is one A. The final key to the best of the team of 3 is a B.

Then the pattern repeats!


Keyboard Layout

From one C to another C is one octave. Every 8 tricks on the keyboard will it is in an octave. There room 7 octaves on a full keyboard through 88 keys.

You will notification that the key-board does not constantly begin top top a C. Periodically the keyboard will begin and end top top a C, as is the situation for a 49 and also 61 key keyboard. However a 76 an essential keyboard starts on an E and also ends ~ above a G. The 88 crucial keyboard (which is taken into consideration a complete keyboard) begins on one A and also ends on a C.


Whole action and half Steps

In order to name the black keys, we need to know what a whole step and a half step is. Do this yes, really simple, a fifty percent step is going from one crucial to the next crucial — whether it’s black or white. It can be native a black vital to a white key. It could be a white vital to a white an essential (such as E come F, or B to C). However a half step is native one crucial to the following key.

In real musical terms they call it a semitone. A semitone is the smallest interval we use. We additionally can call it fifty percent step.

How plenty of halves go it take to obtain a whole? Two! Therefore, it takes 2 fifty percent steps to do a whole step! So, if you want to uncover a entirety step, you have to make 2 half steps. Therefore, a entirety step would certainly be indigenous C to D.

To save it straight, just remember the it take away 2 half steps to do a whole step.

Now the you understand entirety steps and fifty percent steps, stop look at naming the black keys.

Naming the black color Keys

The black secrets on a key-board are sort of the side kick to the white keys. Each of the white tricks are a tone in music. The black vital just to represent if that tone is a fifty percent tone greater (called a sharp), or a fifty percent tone lower (called a flat). The is still tied come the white crucial and the tone the that an essential is.

Which is why over there is no a new name for each black color key. They bring the name of the crucial next to them and include one of two people a sharp (#) or a level (b). So, the black crucial next come the C could be a C# (named a C sharp). It would be thought about a sharp due to the fact that it is a fifty percent tone higher than C.

You can also look at it a various way. The black keep in mind is also next come the D. However it is a fifty percent tone reduced than the D. So us could contact is a Db (named a D flat).

So, the black vital between the C and also the D could be a C# (C sharp) or a Db (D flat).

One means to help you remember, is indigenous dummies.com:

A knife is sharp and lies on the right side of the plate.

A napkin is flat and lies top top the left side of the plate.

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You understand which one it is follow to the music written. There are various other symbols, called an essential signatures, that will assist you in that area. Though simply to be sure that you understand a C# and a Db room the precise same note. They just name it different according come the crucial signature written in the music. All you require to recognize for now, is that vital signatures help make things a little clearer because that the pianist in discovering what to mean in them written music.