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Can someone please post a pic of whereby the map sensor is located on a 2011 hyundai sonata 2.4 GLS. My car"s rpms are fluctuating when in park and also I have a check engine light on for the map sensor, so ns would favor to change it. Weird point is it emerged as quickly as I replaced my transmission selection sensor so ns assume i messed something up through it. Anyway, it would certainly be substantially appreciated if someone could show me a pic that the map sensor therefore I have the right to replace it, say thanks to you
Also, the engine practically sounds and feels like it is going to shut off when in idle. Is this a symptom of the engine recall? doesnt seem to have any kind of other problems other than that

locating the MAP sensor - Sonata 2011C4RN1, After complying with your post, ns am tho having an obstacle locating the MAP sensor on my Sonata 2011. I discovered a sensor, but it walk not enhance the picture of the sensor top top this site or in the Sonata fix manual. Please let me know if this is the part.

Thanks for your help, Autospark. After ~ looking at your photo, i think I found where the MAP sensor is.I to be looking additional up the engine, under the video camer cover.My auto is Sonata 2011 .4L L4 DOHC 16V
Hi there, I very own a hyundai Sonata 2.0T 2011. Ns am make the efforts to number out how many wires the MAP sensor connector have to have. I"ve located both sensors, but I i found it the connector because that the sensor close to the accelerator body has only 3 wires with. The pin in position 3 has actually been removed and also the wire shows up to be missing. Is this normal?

Yes. These sensors have an wait temperature sensing aspect built in however it"s not used on both sensors.
Sensor nearby to throttle body will have actually 4 wire, as it main for key engine control pressure and air temp.. Second sensor on tube prior to throttle body is offered for rise pressure worth only
engine size" crate on your personal profile page.
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ahhh okay. A little odd, why not make that a 3 pen connector then?! therefore the sensors space interchangeable, that the connector that determines what info is taken?
ahhh okay. A bit odd, why no make that a 3 pin connector then?! therefore the sensors space interchangeable, the the connector the determines what details is taken?
engine size" boxes on your personal profile page. This info makes the much much easier for other members come answer/comment on her posts.

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Both sensors have actually 4 pins in them, if the plug because that the sensor near to throttle body has actually 1 pin and also wire removed blocked under it. It just looks favor an afterthought.