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So come speak with some mountain or hydrochloric acid. Took the chloride ions. Reacting v the manganese ions and also the chloride ion being sealed an adverse or going to shed the electron. It s okay be required to oxidized by the existence of the oxidizing certified dealer to potassium permanganate. The permanganate ion to make your chlorine gas. So lets make some chlorine gas. So ns going to put some hydrochloric acid right into this erlenmeyer and then stopper. It and also as i need to mention. Im in a fume hood. Since i to be producing. Okay. Chlorine gas and also trying to fill this flask up v chlorine gas. Ns not fairly see the volume the gas. Im no seeing that color change drastically.

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So ns going to need to put some more acid here and i mason require some an ext potassium permanganate. However the flash should obtain yellowy eco-friendly okay and let me just add just to make sure cuz. I desire to make sure im filling the flask up i see it getting yellow. Agree. However im just going to include a small bit an ext potassium permanganate into the mixture the chloride ion mixture and also of course. You can see that green color and also yellowish your environment-friendly color. For this reason you deserve to see the flask is definitely filling up with a greenish yellow shade of chlorine gas. For this reason i think were prepared to rock and also roll here okay least. I can see through my colorblind eyes. You agree we view some chlorine gas in there okay were in a fume hood. So now all ns gonna perform is going to take the end my generating tube and also im gonna drop some tiny amount that sodium into the flask currently it might react ideal away. Chances are the it wont so. Im probably gonna have to put some little bit the water on it okay so im going to take the end my generating tube. I deserve to see mine yellowy flask and im gonna take my piece of sodium and also im gonna drop.

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it hopefully right in the middle. It s okay reposition. Mine camera a tiny bit okay. Now see if you gain a nice tiny close up here. Whats going on and refocus. And what to be gonna do is ns going come drop some water ~ above this sodium metal to activate it and we should see a pretty brilliant reaction as soon as i activate therefore im simply trying come drop part water with a pipette to begin the reaction. And also there. That is and that white smoke. You watch is sodium chloride solid come colloid and also so that white acting is the existence of sodium chloride that us mean and as it dissipates. Well watch where the salt was wherein the salt metal. Was is now going to be a crystal lattice of salt chloride. An alert the shade of the flame to be indicative of just how sodium steel or sodium electrons acquire excited and also of food emit energy. So together this calms under okay. We noticed this is pretty special smoke due to the fact that this is essentially sodium chloride.

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therefore i deserve to actually pour this out because its yes, really solids. But what i want to do is i want to wait to watch what it looks favor after the done once its done once all that salt chloride go settles. We should have the ability to see a crystal lattice in the spot. Wherein the salt was so as soon as this does the dust has settled so come speak. To be left v an erlenmeyer flask thats type of milky white top top the exterior thats where the sodium chloride dust has settled. But if you look an extremely carefully youll check out a white spot that white spot. And ill gain a close increase in a 2nd represents. Wherein the sodium was in greatest concentration. And also that is where you watch some solid salt chloride crystals. So allows zoom in come some very close space. And you will see ideal there. Together i focus that is wherein the sodium chloride is in the location of where the sodium steel was for this reason the salt chloride sodium. Plus. Ions offered the electron in a redox reaction come the chlorine ion of the chlorine. I should say atoms and became chlorine ions and they attractive each other to form this precipitate or salt. And also that was that cloudy white problem of it again a an extremely cool reaction. Happy you were onboard with it .

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