Which of the adhering to is not a characteristics of natural Killer (NK) cells?-NK cells strike transplanted organs.-NK cells attack infected or cancer cells.- NK cells recognize abnormal or cancer cells by a certain antigen on their cell membrane.- NK cells induce the target cabinet to undergo "apoptosis" (cell suicide).

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Which that the adhering to innate internal defenses work by interfering v viral replication?-complement proteins-T lymphocytes-interferons-phagocytes
How execute phagocytes recognize foreign cells or bacteria?-Phagocytes recognize a details antigen on the cabinet surface.-The phagocytes identify molecules ~ above pathogens not normally uncovered on body cells.-The phagocytes look for the lack of "self" proteins.-All the international cells or bacteria are marked with opsonins the the phagocytes recognize.
Which that the inherent defense mechanisms deserve to lyse bacteria and also mark cells for phagocytosis?-interferons-complement proteins-cytokines-natural killer (NK) cells
Which of the following can act as opsonins on bacteria, thus enhancing phagocytosis?-interferons-antibodies and complement proteins-T cells-natural killer (NK) cells
What constitutes the body"s an initial line that defense versus disease?-antimicrobial proteins and various phagocytic cells-the adaptive defense system-intact skin and also mucous membranes-inflammation
How do interferons protect against infection in healthy cells?-Interferons block viral reproduction in healthy and balanced cells through the manufacturing of antiviral proteins.-Interferons perform match activation.-Interferons execute opsonization to coat microorganisms.-Interferons encourage fever, or an abnormally high human body temperature.
What is the details target of interferons?-infected cells-antibodies-specific viruses-nearby healthy and balanced cells
Which of the complying with is an effect of match activation?-tissue repair-opsonization-T cabinet activation-fever
What varieties of antigen are recognized by T cells?-free antigens-processed fragments of protein antigens presented on surface of human body cells-bacterial antigens only-cancer antigens only
Which the the adhering to is no characteristic of the adaptive immune system?-It is antigen-specific.-It has memory.-It is particular for a provided organ.-It is systemic.
How go a lymphocyte become immunocompetent?-An antigen binds to a specific lymphocyte that has actually a receptor because that it.-Lymphocytes must have the ability to recognize their one details antigen by binding come it.-Lymphocytes have to be fairly unresponsive come self-antigens so the they carry out not assault the body"s very own cells.-Lymphocytes quickly proliferate to form an army of cells precisely like themselves and bearing the exact same antigen-specific receptors.

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Which the the complying with statements does NOT describe the adaptive immune response?-It is systemic.-It is specific.-It has actually memory.-It occurs immediately after the human body is challenged by foreign material.
Which of the following exemplifies passive immunity?-vaccine-infection-antitoxin-vaccine booster shots
Which the the following ideal illustrates artificially acquired energetic humoral immunity?-antivenoms-infection-vaccines-antibodies received in breast milk
Select the correct statement about the function of antibodies.-Complement continuous is the main mechanism by which antibodies provide protection.-The most potent agglutinating certified dealer is IgG.-Neutralization is the procedure by i m sorry antibodies reason invading cells to clump together.-Antibodies may directly destroy "invaders."
What type of cabinet is the precursor come the helper T cell?-memory T cell-CD8 cell-regulatory T cell-CD4 cell
What kind of cabinet is a precursor come the cytotoxic T cell?-activated T cell-CD4 cell-CD8 cell-regulatory T cell