Paul McCartney & Wing’s “Live and also Let Die” is among their most well known hits and also one that the most ubiquitous songs from the James shortcut franchise. However, Paul faced some backlash native Rolling stone for performing the song. Here’s just how Paul comment to the backlash in a Rolling rock interview — and also how audiences reaction to “Live and Let Die.” 

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What Paul McCartney thought when he check out a negative article around ‘Live and Let Die’

The James Bond movie Live and Let dice is significant for a couple of reasons. The the very first 007 movie to star roger Moore, the an initial 007 movie where Bond had actually a black love interest (even if she’s no his main love interest in the movie), and also it’s the only 007 movie to encompass a theme song from a former Beatle. Follow to crate Office Mojo, Live and Let die earned end $35 million. In spite of the film’s success, Paul’s decision to perform the theme tune for Live and Let Die triggered backlash.

A trailer for Live and Let Die

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During an interview through Rolling Stone’s Paul Gambaccini, Gambaccini asked Paul if he it s okay deluged with provides to do theme songs. “Not deluged,” Paul responded. “I gain quite a few, you know. I just shot and pick the ones I prefer the sound of. It’s not anything I arrangement out.”

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Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Live and Let Die”

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Then Paul started pointing out Wing’s song “Live and also Let Die.” “I mental a point in rojo Stone—there’s a little bit the chat, I review the papers, you know—that claimed ‘McCartney’s going to perform Live and Let Die, so it’s concerned that, has actually it?’” the said. “I thought, you stunner sods. Because we were talk to another document and as soon as I stated I to be going to perform Live and also Let Die, the 007 thing, the reporter said, ‘Hey, man, that’s genuine hip.’ therefore it just depends which means you look in ~ it.”

How the American public reaction to Paul McCartney & Wing’s ‘Live and also Let Die’

This raises an amazing question: how did audiences reaction to “Live and Let Die?” The track got to No. 2 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. This wasn’t even the only version that the track to chart. Firearms N’ Roses tape-recorded a covering of “Live and also Let Die” for their classic album Use your Illusion I. Your rendition got to No. 33 top top the Billboard warm 100.

Guns N’ Roses’ “Live and also Let Die”

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Paul McCartney & Wing’s ‘Live and also Let Die’ appeared in movie without James Bond

“Live and Live Die” was even used in a memorable step of the crime drama American Hustle. In the scene, Jennifer Lawrence cleans her home angrily if the track plays. “Live and also Let Die” was additionally featured in a funeral step from Shrek the Third. Paul confronted some backlash for performing a bond theme, however, “Live and Let Die” became a popular and also enduring song.

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