72 is no a perfect square. It is stood for as 72. The square root of 72 can only be simplified. In this mini-lesson we will discover to uncover square root of 72 by long department method in addition to solved examples. Let united state see what the square source of 72 is.

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Square source of 7272 = 8.4852Square of 72: 722 = 5184
1.What Is the Square source of 72?
2.Is Square root of 72 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square source of 72?
4.FAQs on Square root of 72

The original number whose square is 72 is the square root of 72. Deserve to you find what is that number? It can be watched that there room no integers whose square provides 72.

72 = 8.4852

To inspect this answer, us can uncover (8.4852)2 and we have the right to see the we get a number 71.99861904. This number is an extremely close to 72 when that is rounded come its nearest value.

Any number which is either terminating or non-terminating and has a repeating pattern in that is decimal component is a rational number. We experienced that 72 = 8.48528137423857. This decimal number is non-terminating and also the decimal component has no repeating pattern. So that is not a rational number. Hence, 72 is an irrational number.

Important Notes:

72 lies in between 64 and 81. Hence, 72 lies in between 64 and 81, i.e., 72 lies in between 8 and 9.Square source of a non-perfect square number in the simplest radical form can be found using prime factorization method. For example: 72 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × 3. So, 72 = (2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × 3) = 62.

How to uncover the Square source of 72?

There room different methods to discover the square root of any type of number. Us can find the square source of 72 using long division method.Click here to know much more about it.

Simplified Radical type of Square source of 72

72 is a composite number. Hence factors that 72 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 12, 18, 24, 36, and also 72. When we discover the square source of any number, we take one number from each pair of the exact same numbers from its element factorization and we multiply them. The factorization of 72 is 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × 3 which has 1 pair of the very same number. Thus, the simplest radical type of √72 is 62.

Square root of 72 by Long division Method

The square root of 72 can be uncovered using the long department as follows.

Step 1: In this step, we pair turn off digits of a offered number beginning with a digit at one"s place. We placed a horizontal bar to indicate pairing.Step 2: Now we need to find a number i beg your pardon on squaring offers value much less than or equal to 72. As we know, 8 × 8 = 64 Step 3: Now, we have actually to lug down 00 and also multiply the quotient by 2 which offers us 16. Step 4: 4 is written at one"s ar of new divisor because when 164 is multiply by 4, 656 is derived which is much less than 800. The derived answer now is 144 and we bring down 00.Step 5: The quotient is currently 84 and it is multiply by 2. This gives 168, which then would come to be the beginning digit the the new divisor.Step 6: 7 is written at one"s location of new divisor because when 1688 is multiply by 8, 13504 is obtained which is less than 14400. The derived answer currently is 896 and also we lug down 00.Step 7: The quotient is currently 848 and also it is multiplied by 2. This gives 1696, which climate would come to be the starting digit of the brand-new divisor.Step 8: 5 is written at one"s location of brand-new divisor since when 16965 is multiplied by 8, 84825 is acquired which is much less than 89600. The acquired answer currently is 4775 and we carry down 00.


So far we have obtained 72 = 8.485. Top top repeating this procedure further, we get, 72 = 8.48528137423857

Explore square roots making use of illustrations and interactive examples.

Think Tank:

Are -72 and -72 same ?Is -72 a genuine number? 

Example 2: Is the radius of a circle having area 72π square inches equal to length of a square having area 72 square inches? 


Radius is found using the formula that area the a one is πr2 square inches. By the provided information,

πr2 = 72π r2 = 72

By taking the square root on both sides, √r2= 72. We understand that the square source of r2 is r.The square source of 72 is 8.48 inches.

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The size of square is found using the formula that area of square. As per the given information,

Area = length × lengthThus, length = √Area = 72 = 8.48 inches

Hence, radius that a circle having area 72π square customs is equal to the size of a square having area 72 square inches.