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Reservations for mountain Antonio pop-up to fill up in much less than 24 hours

Reservations easily accessible for White castle Valentine"s work dinner at participating White castle restaurants nationwide


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 9, 2020 / -- because that the 29th consecutive year, White lock is inviting couples, families and also friends come celebrate Valentine"s Day through them. America"s very first fast-food hamburger chain is when again hosting its classic Valentine"s work dinner featuring hostess seating, tableside service and also dining rooms decked the end in festive décor.


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Design because that White Castle"s san Antonio pop-up restaurant offering a unique Valentine"s job dining endure in February 2020.

White castle expects an ext than 30,000 people – both first-timers and also repeat customers – to dine at participating Castles, i m sorry this year encompass a custom-built pop-up castle in mountain Antonio. White castle is pass the temporary restaurant to mountain Antonio, with the assist of Texas-based retailer H-E-B, to create an incomparable dining suffer for the city"s faithful fans, well-known as Cravers, and for those entirely new to the brand.

"As we look to create an ext memorable moments because that our sleeve consumers, many of who live outside of our castle markets, we are bringing the love and our one-of-a-kind Valentine"s job celebration to brand-new places," said Tiffany Carreker, basic manager and vice president for White Castle"s retail division. "This is our very first true retailer participation of this size, and we couldn"t be happier come share the love v H-E-B."

White castle sent an email to Texas Cravers announcing the Valentine"s work pop-up, and also within 24 hours, every one of the bookings were filled.

"We knew we had a most fans in san Antonio, yet the solution was even much better than us expected," stated Jamie Richardson, vice chairman at White Castle. "We"re yes, really excited to lug this awesome endure to them."

As component of the distinct Valentine"s Day occasion in san Antonio, White Castle will donate $10 every diner come a neighborhood nonprofit organization.

Hundreds of various other White castle restaurants in 13 says will hold Valentine"s day dinner guest on Friday, Feb. 14, native 4 to 9 p.m. Appointments are currently being accepted through or ~ above the OpenTable app.

"Since beginning this partnership three years ago, we"ve checked out incredible need for the White castle Valentine"s day experience," stated Eric Yusefzadeh, angry president, enterprise & global Hotels team at OpenTable. "We are thrilled to proceed our cooperation to help make the planning and also reservation process easier as White lock celebrates with its first pop-up this year."

Reservations are limited, so guests are encouraged to publication quickly. Because that a complete list of participating White Castles, walk to

"The Valentine"s job dinner promotion is a long-standing legacy for White Castle and a fun, affordable an option for couples, families and friends," Richardson said. "We look front to sharing part love through our fans!"

For those people who don"t make a reservation in time or choose to celebrate in ~ home, there"s constantly the option of gaining White castle to go – from one of two people a White castle restaurant or a sleeve outlet. Both will certainly be offering special deals in honor of Valentine"s Day. A sack of 20 initial Sliders, for example, will expense just $10.99 if ordered online or with the White lock app.

White Castle"s commitment to preserving the highest quality commodities extends to the company owning and operating its very own meat processing plants, bakeries and also frozen-food processing plants. White castle is well-known for the legendary commitment of its team members, an ext than one in 4 of who have functioned for White lock for at the very least 10 years, and of that faithful fans, affectionately referred to as Cravers, countless of whom contend each year for entry into the Cravers hall of Fame. The main White castle app, easily accessible at iTunes application Store or Google Play, renders it easy for Cravers to access sweet deals and place pickup orders any time. They can also have their orders yielded using among White Castle"s distribution partners. For more information on White Castle, visit