Drag gyeongju UK Season 3 episode 1 Recap: A bing Bang Bonkers Premiere RuPaul"s Drag gyeongju UK season 3 illustration 1 attributes incredible looks and iconic performances that"ll go down in herstory. Inspect out ours premiere recap.

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RuPaul ~ above RuPaul's Drag gyeongju UK season 3 promo
Warning! spoilers for RuPaul"s Drag race UK season 3 episode 1 below!

Mama Ru is back across the pond for RuPaul"s Drag race UK season 3, and also this new cast of traction performers is offer it all approximately the fans. After featuring pretty varied casts on Drag race UK periods 1 and also 2 that contained queens indigenous England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, season 3 is mostly centered roughly English queens (with the exception of Victoria Scone, who"s indigenous Wales). Alas, the focus on contestants native England feels favor a intended casting selection resulting from COVID-19 protocols.

In turn, the Drag gyeongju UK season 3 actors is exceptionally exciting and full that potential. Majesties like Krystal Versace and also Anubis space shockingly young at simply 19 years of age, vice versa, contestants favor Ella Vaday and also Veronica green are bringing many years of suffer in the traction scene. Speaking of Veronica, most kings knew she"d it is in returning, which immediately placed a target behind her ago in this competition.

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RuPaul"s Drag gyeongju UK season 3 illustration 1 featured a runway challenge, which has actually now come to be a clip for many Drag Race premiere episodes. The queens had to present two looks: one look inspired by your hometowns and another look at referencing points they love. The judges were gagged by the looks presented by Krystal Versace, Victoria Scone, and Scarlett Harlett, however the other queens in the room couldn"t really understand why Scarlett had actually received so much praise. On the other finish of the eleganza spectrum were flow Medway, Elektra Fence, and Anubis, who all received an unfavorable critiques from the Drag gyeongju UK season 3 judges. Nonetheless, the internet went wild because that River"s fabulously camp presentation of she look, and also the judges go spare her from landing in the bottom two.

Here's river Medway's runway in full. You're welcome. #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/CbbP67d2CK

— RuPaul's Drag race UK (

This main featured two lip syncs: one in between the peak two queens and one between the bottom 2 contestants. Krystal and also Victoria went head-to-head in their top two lip sync come the track of Bonnie Tyler"s "Total Eclipse that The Heart". In the end, Krystal outperformed Victoria and earned her first RuPeter badge. Top top the various other hand, Elektra and also Anubis challenged off in a lip sync for your life come the track of small Mix"s "Sweet Melody". Elektra served up every split, dip, jump, and also twirl that she can possibly pull off, conversely, Anubis relied on she campy facial expressions and also body movements. Ultimately, RuPaul made decision Elektra come stay and also Anubis come sashay away.

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Last year, Bimini Bon-Boulash make it every the method to the Drag gyeongju UK season 2 finale regardless of surviving the very first lip sync that the season, so no all is lost for Elektra. At this point, however, all eyes will be ~ above Krystal and Victoria after the great an initial impression castle left on the judges. Allow the finest drag queen win!

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RuPaul"s Drag race UK season 3 airs Thursdays at 2 p.m. ET on the WOW gift Plus streaming service.