I just bought a Netgear router "WNR1000v2". My PSP deserve to scan this wifi connection however when it tries to affix it claims

A link error has actually occurred. Examine the defense settings because that the network and try again.

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I googled it and found the there are several guys dealing with the exact same problem, yet could not discovered the solution. Ns tried everything however of no avail.

At current i operation my router
54mbps as argued by couple of forums, and also using no security.

P.S. Using this router ns can accessibility the wifi connection on mine Desire S,


What type of encryption execute you have actually on her router? PSPs might not support newer encryption protocols (WPA2). If use an larger protocol prefer WEP or WPA, you may have far better luck.

EditAfter some rapid googling, I uncovered this article which may provide some insight. It seems WPA2/AES doesn"t work, but you deserve to use WPA2/TKIP-AES. Inspect your router"s administration settings and you should find an choice to readjust this.


You mentioned that you"re running it in ~ 54mbps i beg your pardon is the 802.11g (note the "g") standard. According to this, the PSP just supports 802.11b.

So, you"ll have actually to enter the configuration of your router and adjust it come 802.11b or, if the supports twin band, 802.11b/g. Unfortunately, if your router doesn"t assistance both at the very same time, you"ll need to use the older, slower one (802.11b).

As was pointed out by Dave McClelland, the security an approach is likewise important, but if that is open as friend say, the shouldn"t be what"s preventing you.

If you need to figure out exactly how to change it, I think there"s a copy that the manual right here (under Documentation).


The PSP operation on an 802.11b network. If you room running your router exclusively in 54Mbps mode, that way 802.11g. Ns have uncovered that even running pure 802.11g networks periodically my PSP deserve to scan them, however not connect.

If you space not running any type of security, you must be able to attach your PSP to your wifi network. Commenters top top a previous answer mentioned you can (or cannot) attach to one unsecured access point. Ns have uncovered that over there is some credibility come this. I have had problems in the past, connecting come my very own unsecured AP. The does not take place in all situations however, and also I would indicate that you shot WEP encryption, if you"re currently using unsecured wifi. Specifically WEP because it often tends to have actually the best success price with PSP connections--again, this is just my experience. WPA has functioned for me, yet WEP often tends to work much more smoothly. Additionally, as a troubleshooting step, you might want to shot "b-only" mode, if your router has actually it. I perform not recommend staying in this mode, but some devices use mixed mode in one imperfect manner, and it can cause issues v older b-wireless devices.

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The PSP"s networking is quite flawed, come be quite honest. There space a the majority of (disappointing) shortcomings, in mine opinion, however there is no actual reason why your setup SHOULDN"T work, together is.