The one glaring error is this:

int64_t maxPower = 50;int64_t results; // since maxPower is 50, you room accessing an aspect that"s the end of bounds. This is undefined behavior

Also, to do the code legal C++, one of two people declare variety of 50:

int64_t results<50>;or explain a std::vector.

When you do that and use at() instead of <>, climate you obtain a much better view of how your regime breaks. View the Live example using std::vector here.

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As to the "odd number", friend are obtaining a numeric overflow here:

int64_t worth = pow(tuple, power);If tuple is 3, and power is 41, then the worth overflows the int64_t type.

Maybe you should use an arbitrarily precision library (one that preferably has overloaded the requisite mathematical operators) or compose your own, instead of utilizing the "regular" C++ types. Climate you won"t or shouldn"t overflow.

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