This famous short story remains current since it teaches kids ways to protect themselves and also their loved ones.

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Although Little Red talk Hood may seem like simply the story the a girl who need to go throughout the woodland to visit her grandmother and ends up saving herself native the trap of an evil wolf, this children’s story represents so lot more. 

We’ve every heard the story at the very least once in ours lives, however have you ever before stopped come think around the worths it teaches children? Next, we’ll review the 5 key teachings and also values of tiny Red talk Hood.

The forest as a attention Setting 

The start of the story consists of presenting the little girl who has to visit her sick grandmother. To execute this, she must go across the forest carefully, for plenty of dangers await.

During the journey, she comes throughout the evil wolf who asks her wherein she is going and convinces she to gyeongju him to she grandmother’s house. In part versions, however, he turns to the beauty beauty of the landscapes and also flowers to draw away her indigenous the initial path.

The wolf, therefore malicious and also clever, shows tiny Red talk Hood a “shortcut” which transforms out to it is in the longest way. He thus arrives sooner, eats grandma in one bite and also disguises himself in her clothes.

In its earliest versions, the tale had a tragic and also heartbreaking ending for tiny Red speak Hood. It even presented sexual results for the girl. It was written favor this since its goal to be to show and also generate caution in the tiny girls of those societies.

According to the Grimm brothers’ version of the story, less cruel and explicit 보다 the ahead ones, the girl was around to end up the same method as she Grandma, had actually it no been for the brave lumberjack who rescues both of them by extracting the old woman from the wolf’s belly. 


What can we find out from the story of small Red riding Hood?

1. Not to trust Strangers. This is clearly the ethical of the story. In spite of the so-called great intentions the wolf presented to small Red riding Hood, he had actually a hidden agenda.

Back in the time, this story was developed to progressive awareness amongst young girls around the dangers of trusting strangers. In time, that was adapted to transmit the exact same message, yet with much less vicious and also erotic content.

2. No to Share personal Information. In she encounter through the wolf, small Red riding Hood provided details about her destination, the factor of she journey and also the contents of her basket.

This is a huge mistake, since that information which seems harmless, deserve to be supplied by criminal to hurt us or our loved ones. Nowadays, this risk is constantly current in social media.

3. No to Disobey our Parents. One that the referrals from small Red riding Hood’s mommy when she left house was come be careful walking through the forest and also not to relocate away from the main road.

This, that course, was forgotten by the innocent son who falls right right into the wolf’s trap and takes the shortcut he suggested.

4. No to lower One’s Guard. Beyond the wolf’s lie to trick small Red riding Hood, the story mentions many distractions she had.

She never mistrusted the road the wolf confirmed her and she no realize what to be going on as soon as she arrived at her Grandmother’s house, also when the standard questions about the prominent confront features the the wolf in an old lady’s disguise space mentioned.

A Lesson for Parents

From a different suggest of view, we can add another ethical to the story. This one, however, is no for children, yet for parents: Don’t neglect your youngsters regardless of exactly how safe a case may seem. 

Even once the mother provided clear warnings to the child, that didn’t protect against her life from gift in danger. It’s vital to stress that parents must never take their children’s security for granted, it no matter just how independent and also responsible they seem.

The Wolf

The wolf is a character that goes past the look at of the animal. It’s around the embodiment of an evil, savage and malicious being. In our existing time, it would be represented by people who lack particular morals and values.


In fact, in larger versions the the story, the number of the wolf was directly replaced through people. The metaphor of the animal was then omitted to make straight allusion to the wickedness of part people.

The Lumberjack 

Finally, we can describe the lumberjack together the protector who shows up to guarantee the safety of the characters. Nowadays, us would represent him v the photo of the police or any type of figure who can take component in preventing a crime.

As we pointed out before, the personality of the lumberjack was added to the tale, i beg your pardon in the start had a tragic ending to accomplish a more realistic representation of the risks from the outside world.

The story of tiny Red speak Hood remains current since the teaches youngsters about an important topic in life: safety. Nobody is freed from the threats of society, and it’s vital to find out to take care of oneself and also be careful.

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Last update: 29 July, 2018

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