Go up till you struggle the wall.Go one action down.Go three procedures right.Go up till you fight the wall.Go left until you hit the wall.Go up until you hit the wall.Go ideal until you hit the wall.Go down until you fight the wall.

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How execute I acquire into silver cave?

Defeat every one of the Kanto gyms and also talk come Oak; he will arrange because that you come get accessibility to silver Cave. Walk to Viridian City and also take path 22 west to the Victory road link, and continue directly across. You should be on course 28. In ~ the end should be silver Cave.

How execute I gain access to mount silver?

Silver can be got to from Kanto via path 28 after ~ receiving the 16 Gym title of both Johto and also Kanto. In ~ the an extremely summit that Mt. Silver, the player may fight Red. In Pokémon HeartGold and also SoulSilver, Moltres can likewise be discovered here.

Do you require Waterfall come fight red?

User Info: Apeman1813. IIRC You also need flash for a fact. Friend don’t require Strength or Flash. Surf and also Waterfall room only needed to obtain Moltres.

How do I acquire to red MT Silver?

In order to fight Red in HeartGold/SoulSilver, girlfriend must have beaten all 16 Gym leaders of Kanto and Johto, get Rock Climb and go through Mt. Silver- Cave. Red’s Pikachu is level 88, Lapras is level 80, Blastoise is level 84, Venusaur is level 84, Snorlax is level 82, and Charizard is level 84.

What to do on course 3 in Pokemon FireRed?

Hold “B” while relocating in any type of direction to speed up your traveling. On path 3 , you’ll fulfill a entirety bunch of trainers waiting to crush you v lv. 10+ Pokemon. Luckily, if her Pokemon have actually high levels, you’ll be able the crush castle instead. Although over there are numerous trainers, there are plenty the them that you have the right to avoid.

Where do you go in LeafGreen in Pokemon FireRed?

Go north into the grass area. Prof. Oak will pertained to tell you the it’s danger to walk on there is no a Pokemon. He’ll take it you to his lab, where your competitor (known together Gary from now on) is waiting. He asks girlfriend to pick a Pokemon. Go to the table v the 3 PokeBalls and also choose the Pokemon of your choice.

Where perform you take it Red Arrows in Pokemon HeartGold?

To get to Blue, you’ll only ever before take red arrows, starting with the one ~ above the far right. Every pad bring away you to a relaxing spot, therefore these are the pads to take it after each: automatically left, right ahead, northeast and immediately right twice.

What perform you usage to safeguard Machamp in HeartGold?

Gyarados’ Dragon Dance, Waterfall and also Ice Fang combination is deadly, and also Machamp’s No Guard method trouble when it offers Dynamicpunch and stone Edge. Stone Edge and Thunderpunch additionally protect Machamp indigenous Flying-types.

Where execute you walk to obtain into Mt Silver?

You must have forgotten beating a gym in Johto. After getting the eight Kanto badges, walk to Pallet Town and talk to Prof Oak. He’ll cool you access. Then go to the Indigo Plateau via Viridian City and the man blocking the method to the left will have moved.

Where go Pokemon Red walk in Mt Silver?

It is the location of the Pokémon Preservation facility (not in the game). At its peak, the player difficulties Red, who has a Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Snorlax, and also Espeon (or Lapras in HeartGold / SoulSilver ). In the manga, Red goes there to bathe in the warm springs after gift frozen.

How execute you gain into Mt silver- becuzz?

and ns still can’t gain to mt.silver becuzz the males blocking mine way. Friend must have actually forgotten beating a gym in Johto. After gaining the eight Kanto badges, go to Pallet Town and also talk to Prof Oak. He’ll grand you access. Then walk to the Indigo Plateau via Viridian City and also the man blocking the way to the left will have moved.

Where carry out you find Mt Ember in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt. Ember indigenous Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Mt. Ember (Japanese: ともしびやま Mt. Tomoshibi) is a dormant volcano ~ above One Island in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. Moltres resides high atop this behemoth mountain, which was named for the embers that are visible at night as result of the legendary bird.

If you desire to check out the entire interior that Mt. Silver, you’ll must take along Pokémon that recognize Flash, Surf and Waterfall. The Pokémon inside the hill are really strong—if you’re having actually trouble v the wild Pokémon, you’re absolutely not ready for the final showdown v the human being waiting in ~ Mt.

Why go Red go to Mt Silver?

Red realizes he is excessively solid and goes on height of mt. Silver- so he cannot cause anyone else’s pokemon harm. The dissapears because that at the very least the duration of Gold and also Silver.

What have the right to you carry out after beating Red?


Well once you have beat Red you deserve to now gain the Hoenn starters in Silph Co. In Saffron City. You go inside Silph Co. Go get all the call numbers, go record all legendaries, go to battle frontier, go to pokeathlon, go to safari zone, go complete your pokedex, carry out WHAT you WANT!!!!!! THE sky IS THE LIMIT!!!!

What taken place to red after you beat him?

Right prior to you fight him, the is ~ above the sheet of a cliff. After friend beat him, the disappears.

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What execute you obtain for beating red in silver?

In Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, you have the right to exchange the Red scale you got from the battle with red Gyarados for an Exp. Share. Take it the Red range to a man on course 30 who goes by the awesome name of Mr. Pokémon and also he’ll do the swap.