When your Kenmore Oasis washer keeps providing you the F51 error there are number of things that could be resulting in it perform that. The basket top top the Whirlpool Cabrio, Kenmore elite Oasis and also Maytag Bravos design washers all have actually the same design and all rise on the pillar when that column gets corroded with soap scum (which is frequently the case due to the fact that most people use way too much liquid detergent) the basket have the right to not float appropriately on the shaft and causes friction ~ above the drive system. So an initial you will want to rotate thebasketby hand and see if the spins freely. If the does climate grab thebasketand traction up and also see if it will certainly slide up and also down top top the shaft. If thebasketdoes no spin freely then you have to take thebasketout the the washer and also check for posts of clothes that might be caught between thebasket and also tubcausing friction. If thebasketdoes no float up and also down correctly then friend will want to traction the outer bath tub and inspect the shaft for corrosion and clean the by sanding it and getting all the gunk turn off the shaft. If the corrosion is real bad you will have to replace the shaft and bearings adhering to the directions given below. If the basket spins freely and also floats as it must then skip previous the bearing replacement direction below and move on to the next component of the troubleshooting.

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How To change The bath tub Seal, Bearing and Shaft

First friend will have to order a one-of-a-kind bearing tool and also the components so every little thing you need is listed below. Click the image below to stimulate parts.


Once you have those you deserve to start the repair the video below will present you action by step how to gain it done!

Continuing The Kenmore Oasis F51 Error Troubleshooting

If the washer basket spins freely by hand and also floats up and also down ~ above the pillar ok climate there might be a rotor place sensor failure or an problem in the lower wiring exploit or a faulty stator / drive motor. The next step to take it is to check the journey motor circuit complying with the procedures below, girlfriend will require an ohm/volt meter because that testing.

First monitor the accuse below and activate the diagnostic mode on your Kenmore Oasis upstream Washer.

Kenmore Oasis Diagnostic Mode

1. Be sure the washer is in standby mode (plugged in through all indications off; or with just the apparel Clean or excellent indicator on).

2. Select any type of one switch (except POWER, START, STOP and PAUSE/CANCEL) and also follow the measures below, using the exact same button:

a. Press/hold 3 seconds.

b. Relax for 3 seconds.

c. Press/hold 3 seconds.

d. Release for 3 seconds.

e. Press/hold 3 seconds.

If this test mode has actually been gone into successfully, all indications on the console space illuminated for 5 seconds with 88 mirroring in the estimated Time continuing to be two-digit display. If indications do not screen as defined above, the press/hold/release procedure over may not have actually been performed within the moment frame necessary for successful entry. Repeat action 2 come ensure this was no the cause.

3. The program then checks for conserved fault codes. All indications on the console will certainly momentarily rotate off, climate turn back on v 88 or an error password displayed. ~ 5 seconds, the automatic test starts but you carry out not want that you desire to be in hand-operated test setting so do sureand push the same button once throughout the 5 2nd display time that the 88 or error code.

NOTE: If the switch is not pressed in ~ 5 seconds, the automatically test will start (after conserved fault codes).

4. If done successfully, a single beep occurs and also the two-digit display shows the manage ID# (08, 09, etc.) for 3 seconds, then display screens 00 and also the include A Garment indicator LED flashes. Once that occurs perform the RPS test below.

Rotor place Sensor (RPS): supplies Wash, Rinse and Spin indicators to detect the three hall sensors. Console may have up to two of these indicators on at one time when the basket is no moving. Open lid and rotate basket by hand. The Wash, Rinse and also Spin status indications should toggle on and off follow to direction the basket is gift turned. If the status indications do no toggle on and off the skip under to the drive circuit test. If they execute toggle on and off accordingly then continue here:

Spin: to activate Spin, lid need to be closed with lid lock enabled. To lock the lid:

NOTE: Lid have to be closed. If lid is not closed, one invalid switch press beep will happen when performing next step. Press and also release: 2nd RINSE or EXTRA rinse ➔ Lid locks, Lid Lock indicator transforms on. Repeat ➔ Lid unlocks, Lid Lock indicator transforms off.

Press and also release: spin SPEED, WATER LEVEL or load SIZE ➔ Motor/basket spins in ~ 23 rpm. Repeat ➔ Motor/basket spins at 530 rpm. Repeat ➔ Motor/basket spins at ≥ 950 rpm. Repeat ➔ Motor transforms off. NOTE: Indicators above button scroll from top to bottom. If it does not spin climate there is an issue with engine circuit, if it does spin unplug the washer for 10 minutes gain back power and also start a bike the error might be cleared and the washer must be reset and also ready to wash.

Testing the drive Motor Circuit

2. Unplug washer or disconnect power.

3. Inspect to check out if basket will rotate freely. ➔ If basket turns freely, walk to step 4. ➔ If basket walk not rotate freely, identify what is bring about the mechanically friction or lock up, if you have actually been following this troubleshooting overview you will certainly have currently done this.

4. Eliminate the console to accessibility the machine/motor control assembly

5. Visually check that the P5 and P10 connectors are placed all the means into the machine/motor control. ➔ If intuitive checks pass, go to action 6. ➔ If visual checks fail, reconnect P5 and also P10 and also repeat step 1.

6. Visually inspect that the P5 and also P10 connectors are placed all the way into the machine/motor control. ➔ v an ohmmeter, verify resistance worths as shown below:

P5 1-2 (31 Ω ± 5 Ω) If Much greater than 31 Ω Resistances go to action 7.

P10 6-5,6-4, and6-3, (1.5 kΩ ± 100 Ω ) If Much greater or much reduced than 1.5 kΩ walk to step 7.

P10 1-7 (600 Ω come 21.2 kΩ) If out of variety go to action 7.

If all resistances are correct go to action 12.

7. Tilt device forward to access the bottom that the an equipment and the drive motor area. Remove the motor bolt, climate the engine cover to accessibility the engine connections.

8. Visually examine the mounting bracket and also electrical relations to the motor and also rotor position sensor board. ➔ If visual inspect passes, go to action 9.If visual examine fails, reconnect the electrical connections, reassemble stator and also motor cover and repeat step 1 i beg your pardon is the hand-operated diagnostic motor test.

9. With an ohmmeter, inspect for continuity in between all pins on the P10 device motor manage connector and the motor rotor position sensor (RPS) connector.

➔ If there is continuity, inspect the engine windings.

If the motor windings space open, replace the drive motor.

➔ If there is no continuity, change the lower device harness.

10. With an ohmmeter, inspect for continuity in between all pins ~ above the P5 machine/motor regulate connector and the journey motor connector.

➔ If over there is continuity, change the journey motor.

➔ If there is no continuity, replace the lower maker harness.

11. The drive motor and lower harness room good. Replace the engine RPS board and also perform the Diagnostics check in action 1 come verify repair.

12. If the Diagnostics motor check in action 1 failed, then the machine/motor manage has failed: ➔ Unplug the washer or disconnect power.

➔ replace the machine/motor control assembly.

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➔ carry out the motor Diagnostics in step 1 to verify repair

All replacement parts for this Kenmore elite Oasis Washer Error F51 Error code are listed below.