Are Jenna Ortega and also Kenny Ortega related? Jenna Ortega is collection to beat Wednesday Addams in a brand-new Netflix Addams family spin-off series. Now civilization are curious to know more about the actress’s family and also whether she is concerned filmmaker Kenny Ortega.

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Who is Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega very first started she career on display screen in 2012 as soon as she featured in a variety of small parts including CSI: NY. The adhering to year she went on to appear in notable films, including Iron man 3 and also Insidious: thing 2.

Her breakthrough role came in 2016 as soon as she played Harley Diaz in the Disney collection Stuck In The Middle. Jane The Virgin pan may additionally remember Ortega together Young Jane within the satirical telenovela series.


Ortega cast as Wednesday Addams in new Netflix series

Jenna Ortega’s latest role sees her cast as Wednesday Addams, the just daughter that Gomez and Morticia Addams in a brand-new Netflix collection based ~ above the family.

Ortega announced the news to she 6.2 million followers v the caption: “New chapter. Expect I deserve to do Wednesday Addams justice. Snaps twice.

Ortega will certainly follow the footsteps the Christina Ricci, that played the duty of Wednesday in both Addams Family and Addams household Values back in the 1990s.

Jenna Ortega’s age and also Net worth explored

Jenna Ortega is 18 year old and also celebrated her milestone date of birth in September of last year. At the time Ortega’s mum Natalie shared a collage of image in a short article to her Instagram.

Despite the actress’s young age she is stated to have a network worth between $2 and $3 million, which shows her career as a son star farming up.

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Are Jenna Ortega and Kenny Ortega related?

Amid Ortega’s casting in the brand-new Addam’s family spin-off series, some have actually wondered if she is related to Kenny Ortega.

While the pair space both well-known names in ~ the entertain world, they are not related, lock just happen to share the exact same last name.

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Kenny Ortega is a director and also filmmaker recognized for his work on Disney franchises High institution Musical and Descendants. He has won many different awards throughout his career, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and a star ~ above the Hollywood go Of call in 2019.

In terms of Jenna Ortega’s own family members life the actress is among six children and also often shares cute family snaps on Instagram. Her mommy Natalie additionally shares family members pictures ~ above her own account and after Jenna was actors as Wednesday Addams shared how proud she was.