Diamond Blue blacksmith aka Ala Diamond smith aka baby Blue is a Rapper and also a member of quite Ricky hip hop team that originated in Miami, Florida. The rapper to be shot in Florida during an attempted robbery and also he is in an essential condition fighting because that his life in ~ Miami hospital. According to the police, the rapper to be shot top top April 19th, 2021, in ~ the midnight, he remained in the parking lot of SpareZ Bowling Alley in Davie, Florida. Two guys tried come steal his yellow chain and also a physics altercation erupted and he was hit in the shoulder in a bolt attempt. Cops speak it’s quiet unclear if the suspects took off in addition to the chain. The outlet obtained the news, straight from baby Blue v his official Instagram account, the write-up read “Attempted robbery stops working after Vh1’s ‘Love & i know good hop’ Miami reality TV Star baby Blue Whoaaa of pretty Ricky shuts under 2 armed men!,” added “Courageous rapper was shot and also left in an important condition fighting for his life in Miami hospital. The shoot took place at Sparez Bowling Alley for infant Blue Whoaaa’s song release party for a new song title ‘Jerry Rice”

The report stated “A physical altercation ensued over the attempted rob of a yellow chain necklace which led to the doubt firearm discharging, to mark the victim in the left shoulder area.” added “Two victims were in the parking the majority of Sparez, alongside their vehicles once two unknown armed male suspects approached.” ~ his write-up on Instagram account, countless users instantly responded and also one of the customers wrote “Am I slow-moving or did that DM y’all his very own breaking news” one more user wrote “his is sad…. But all i remember around this Lil smurf was how angry he was with a mrs on love and hip hop.” Some individuals were confused if the rapper was promoting his brand-new song “Are they cultivating a solitary in the press release of him gift shot? I’m therefore confused? Prayers come the young man” an additional user wrote. An additional responded “These celebrities gone learn to avoid flexing your money and jewelry online.” numerous Baby blue fans, sent him prayer v social media One user tweeted “Lord you re welcome no !!!! fight “Baby Blue” ns not all set to view u go Lil Bro!!!! GOD be with him & his Family,” one more tweeted “If infant Blue die I’m gonna fu**ing cry. Ns love him,” 

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Who is infant Blue?


NameBaby Blue
DOBAugust 13, 2022
Age39 year old
GirlfriendMichelle Carollous
Net Worth$10 Million USD

Baby Blue aka Diamond Blue blacksmith he is a Rapper and also a member of nice Ricky i know good hop team that source in Miami, Florida and he is likewise the CEO the Blue Star Records. That has approximately 550K followers on Instagram account and his Youtube channel has approximately 921K subscriber. He released his new single Jerry Rice ~ above April 21, 2021. Some of his solitary from the album are “ grind v me” 2005, “nothing but a number” 2005, “your body” 2005, “make it like it was” 2007, “leave the all as much as you” 2007, “grill ’em” 2005, “sticky” 2009 and many more. His tweeter account has 69.9K followers, he join the account in in march 2011 and his bio review “1/4 of quite Ricky | CEO of Blue Star documents | Platinum Producer. Actors Member that Love & Hip-hop Miami – | Download single on iTunes”

How old is infant Blue?


Baby blue to be born on respectable 13, 1984, and also from Florida Miami USA, he is 39 years old. He was born to Joseph “Blue” blacksmith (father) the CEO that Bluestar Entertainment. His mother’s details is not disclosed. However, he has actually a brother called Spectacular Blue Smith, that is an American Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Keynote speaker television personality, Philanthropist, and Author. Spectacular is also the Chairman and also CEO the Adwizar in ~ and also the founder of the Mula Music team record label.

Who is baby Blue Girlfriend?


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He was in a connection with Michelle Carollous the Instagram model and also called turn off his engagement v Michelle after gift in a connection for 2 years. Michelle claims that she to be physically abused by the rapper throughout the relationship. Currently, the is in a connection with the “Red Spice” user name on the Instagram account her actual name is not disclosed and the couple shares a baby. In Aug 2020, “Red Spice” females accused the rapper that abusing her and wrote a an extensive post on her Instagram account around smith accusing her throughout her pregnancy. She wrote “It’s naught worst than managing a lie Deceiving, Womanizing, Bipolar, Narcissist… who abusive as soon as they not acquiring there way yet yet sweet as soon as in require of your loving,” included “It’s well overdue that ppl understand the truth about ‘DBS’ my unborn kid father,” she added. “imagine being punched in the stomach at five months, picture yourself driving and someone slapping and also punching girlfriend constantly!” she continued, insinuating the Baby Blue did all the things that she mentioned before to her. She also wrote “Being woken up through hands approximately your neck virtually choking you to death…but yet screaming single and wants you to be soli to them.” and continued “He addressed his mouth come tell me to get an abortion at 7 months ‘to clean the air’ no mom should go through this once carrying a blessing yet for his own gain tellin various other women he’s simply finding out about the pregnant all lies simply to save them around,” 

What is net Worth of baby Blue?

The esitmated net Worth of infant Blue is about $10M USD.

(Image Source: baby Blue Instagram)