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I live in Seattle, I discover 70 to be mild. I"d prefer it a little warmer, perhaps 75, but 68 is cold.Anything 80+ is as well hot.
I find it in between mild and cold. As soon as it access time 60, that"s too much cold! I"d to speak closer come mild than cold.
70 is perfect baseball weather...can be out in a T-Shirt and also ball pants...not freezing and also needing a sweatshirt or two, not burning up wishing you could wear shorts...just right.
70 would be simply right. I would certainly rather have actually it cooler however that"s good. It gets beastly hot right here in summer. *edit*Nix the humidity. It"s in solitary digits below in summer and that"s just fine v me.
70 levels is the temperature that renders you villified whether you have your thermostat set there in the winter or the summer.At any kind of rate I have actually no real problem with 70 -- any temperature from around 69 come 77 is comfortable depending upon what one wears.
All indoor temps \/66-68 borderline at home temp -- One can deal with it but it isnt "comfortable"63-65 unhappy indoor temp -- cold nose bothers you once trying to sleep -- runny nose etc. Sweaters required.under 63 -- intolerable at home temp -- shivers -- horrible sleeping.------78-83 not humid -- noticably warm but not bad. Some sweating once trying to sleep84-90 no humid -- decidedly warm yet you can deal. Lousy sleeping though.91-97 not humid -- hot and annoying however you have the right to still get work excellent at reduced efficiency. Horrible resting weather.78-83 humid -- whatever feels "wet" -- You have the right to work but you sweat. Lousy sleeping weather.84-90 humid -- like 91-97 not humid91-97 humid -- opening -- cant really work efficiently. An excellent luck getting any type of sleep.
Being a Floridian, 70 is a little bit chilly because that me, however not cold. I prefer it much more around 75-80 v low humidity. When the humidity it s okay bad, also 80 feels too hot.

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70 is warm. Life in Michigan anything over 50 is warm. Throughout lulls in the winter 30 have the right to feel warm.
Outdoor temps...70-77 pretty outdoor temps in a wide selection of clothes types62-69 nice outdoor active temps in long sleeves55-61 comfortable in windbreaker and also long sleeves45-54 chilly but works fine in a tool non-winter coat.30-44 irradiate winter coat and yes you feel cold yet can it is in doing exterior chores for hours.17-29 heavy winter coat protects you ok however it ~ no pleasant for shoveling snow for hours.6-16 heavy winter coat, gloves, hat, etc still ~ no pleasant even for a shortish time.-10-5 hefty winter coat, thermal underwear -- not funny for a quick time however you not worried about frostbite in a short timebelow -10 No issue what one wears it simply takes the breath out of you. Any exposed meat is in danger.Non humid outdoor78-85 summer garments -- things space still ok.86-93 sweat a decent amount in summer clothes -- drinking a lot of water -- but not too annoying.94-99 care must be taken not to warmth stroke if you space doing work-related etc. Absolutely hot.100+ lounge around in the shade and also feel hot. Anything ns do actively is minimal.Humid outdoor78-85 summer clothing and also sweaty. Somewhat annoying however you can gain work done.86-93 sweating choose a pig and also uncomfortable. Correct you have the right to do things yet it ~ no fun.94-99 opening -- sweat native everwhere -- annoying and also nothing gets done.100+ just dont