Can you name the man you met on London Bridge? Pic credit: Unsplash

Online riddles room all the craze just now, as could be expected provided so countless of us space ensconced in our dwellings while practicing social distancing.

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Let’s face it; there’s only so much staring in ~ Netflix one person can manage.

So, how around having a walk at exercising the brain cells with one of the many riddles and also challenges right now spreading throughout social media?

The lastest riddle making the ring is London-themed and also involves working out the name of a male met top top London’s iconic bridge.

How is the ‘I met a man on London bridge’ riddle worded?

Although other versions exist, this riddle is usually worded in one of two various ways.

“As ns was walking throughout the London Bridge, ns met a guy who drew his hat and drew his cane, and also in this riddle, I claimed his name. What is it?”

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“I met one old guy on London bridge. Together the sunset ~ above the ridge, that tipped his hat and drew his name and cheated in ~ the guessing game. What was the man’s name?”

Maybe take a minute to have actually a think about it. The guy’s name is appropriate there in the riddle. Here’s a clue: join two native together. Quiet no?

OK, this is a tricky one therefore let’s gain it solved.

Answer to the male on London leg riddle

The man’s name is Andrew!

The prize is in the part which reads “and drew his cane” or “and attracted his name.” You need to put “and” and also “drew” together.

Now, this riddle works much far better when talked aloud. It is additionally much easier to figure out the prize when talked aloud. However, the current situation often doesn’t allow for that, so we’ll simply need to do do.

I met a man on the London Bridge, he tipped his hat and also drew his cane, in this riddle i told girlfriend his name.. What is the ??

— Sarah-Lou? (
Sarahlouxxo192) April 19, 2022

Many folks digital went because that Drew, i m sorry was great attempt, yet alas, not quite correct.

Some human being aren’t the best at riddles, and we all know these indigenous puzzles can cause plenty that frustration.

Some Twitter users chose to vent this frustration online.

I met a male on London leg & he claimed hey, I'm just going come tell you my name due to the fact that I recognize you're shit in ~ riddles ?

— Roxy Drummond (
RoxyDrummond) April 19, 2022

Others were rapid to humorously allude out the impracticality of being able to accomplish a male on London leg due to present restrictions approximately social distancing.

Coming ~ above Twitter now because I to be SICK of see ‘I met a male on London Bridge…’ No friend didn’t, you’re in quarantine and no one cares around your riddle?

— Courtney Hazeldine (
CourtneyHazeld1) April 18, 2022

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