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Why is the problem of some private engineering colleges in India really bad? Why room these colleges no closed?


Its the only herbal thing that might have happened, why shouldn’t over there be ? go anybody intend anything else to have happened ? Well, ns for one, didn’t.

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This is the only inescapable thing that can have happened to those 99.99% private design colleges - i m sorry were set up by corrupt world who were out to make huge money overnight by cheating over-ambitious civilization by mirroring them difficult dreams.

Government will certainly not near them under as huge money is involved. Excepting only a very few, all of them will die a natural fatality as time go by.

In a nation like India where “manufacturing” does no exist < In the true feeling of the hatchet > (How much percentage the GDP originates from manufacturing in India ?) and also with designers working as clerks / POs in financial institutions or as Stock market analysts or together IAS / IPS officers, IMHO studying engineering just doesn’t make any kind of sense in ~ all. 5 old IITs and top 3 or 4 NITs are more than enough for vacant engineering jobs in India.

Sorry if I have actually hurt someone.

Why space executive MBA programs so expensive, especially at ISB, Hyderabad?


Yes this program is yes, really expensive in nearly every college including IIMs and also other top company schools.

This is one year program specially because that executive and working course people"s who wants to get extra knowledge around management.

In eMBA you have the right to attend classes in evening and weekend also depending ~ above your job profile and time management.

Placement is also far better than typical MBA students since every company knows ver well the they are working course people"s and already they have actually managerial experience….

What space the ideal community colleges for computer science, specifically in software application major?


I don’t know due to the fact that as Miguel Corazao said, ar college programs are not ranked. That being said, if a community college supplies CS process year round, that a great school. The ar college ns attended had mandatory process that were listed as “offered much less than when per 2 years”. Therefore if it actually provides its courses, it’s probably alright. My suffer was that ar college courses were either

a. The much greater quality than courses at the 4-year institution I to be attending

b. Of much reduced quality 보다 courses offered at the 4-year institution I am attending

There was practically no in-between. Yet all the CS process were of greater quality 보다 the process I take it at a 4-year institution (although they had actually less selections).

Which space the best universities and also colleges in Canada because that Indian students, particularly for MASc in IT?


I dont really know around colleges yet if we"re talking about Universities

1.University the Toronto





Is CFA really worth it, especially in India? Why or why not?


CFA is a great course or examination the helps brush up the audit and financing an abilities of people to do them all set for search job methods on an international platforms. However in India, there are fewer human being who know around it, yet it is choose up the pace now. Together per the CFA course details, world on India are currently learning much more about CFA or gaue won modelling courses as soon as they have seen their recognized persons getting good packages throughout the world with CFA certification in hand. CFA Eligibility is likewise stated by the authorities for simple applying. You need to have actually the endure to use for CFA exam.

Big multinational companies throughout the world are now looking for expert CFAs to take care of their job roles such together portfolio manager, consultant, accountant, auditor, cook executive, hazard manager and others. There are endless methods even in India as the suppliers are currently hiring people with CFA qualification top top priority. The Indian carriers are searching for a jae won advisor, research study analyst, investment banking analyst and also other together designated experts with CFA as their element qualification. The just reason for employers come look because that CFA qualification in the candidate’s resume is that this food is difficult to clear and brushes increase a lot of an abilities in every individual.

CFA or financial modeling courses has three level with different subjects to test the expertise of the candidate in various aspects. It brushes up the core accounting and financing an abilities of the world to prepare lock for diverse job roles. The certification provides a belief to the employer the they have to spend less time and also money ~ above a specific person for training.

i m sorry liberal arts colleges have strong computer scientific research programs?


As others have actually said, an noticeable answer is Harvey Mudd. They type of have a call of being solid in STEM subjects. Ns think they room stronger in Math 보다 CS though.

Swarthmore sends an extremely high variety of CS students to graduate school. And also I have actually heard an excellent things about Grinnell too.

There are likewise some good schools for CS that are technically not LACs but comparable in having a little student-to-faculty ratios and also undergrad focused education.

Rose-Hulman involves mind. Also, Dartmouth. Maybe even Brown.

But the fact is that even a most lesser known LACs may deliver fantastic CS education. Once picking an LAC for a major like computer Science, you must look an ext at what fits you as an individual an ext so than just the ranking.

Computer scientific research isn’t among those fields where going come an “elite college” really renders a big difference, so lengthy as you learn what you need to learn…

And all LACs will have actually the very same main benefit and same key disadvantage:

Main advantage — A lot more focus on undergrad education.

Main disadvantage — Small variety of faculty who more than likely won’t be professionals in much more than a tiny handful the the cutting-edge research areas of computer system science.

Pay attention to that key disadvantage, because it holds simply as true because that the really elite LACs together it does because that the no name ones. Because that instance, look at the roster of CS faculty at Harvey Mudd. Lock would gain crushed at your usual research university. Nothing against them. Simply stating a fact.

In regards to faculty research, ns don’t check out a substantial difference in between the faculty in ~ Harvey Mudd and the faculty at countless no surname schools. They may have more energy for to teach that few of the faculty at no name schools, but I wouldn’t assume they space universally far better at teaching than no name schools.

Of course, going to a school like Harvey Mudd will put you in a class full the a really clever peers, and also that will certainly be the main advantage for walk there. As soon as you graduate, world will realize the you had actually to occupational really hard there.

Of course, the no surname LACs regularly times have financial obstacles (that they obviously i will not ~ share v prospective applicants) and that have the right to be a concern, since you don’t desire the institution to go bankrupt while you’re do the efforts to acquire your level (a many LACs space in worse form financially 보다 you would imagine).

Another problem for the cash strapped LACs is that in order to tempt students, lock may focus on “teaching what the student wants” quite than “teaching what the student needs”.

If you see them to teach courses like “Video video game Development” and “iOS programming” over main point courses prefer “Algorithms”, climate that have to make friend suspicious. Ns am not saying the the CS curriculum must be simply bland bread-and-butter courses, however it shouldn’t thin down the essentials.

Some advice:

prior to you visit an LAC, print out the CS significant requirements for a school prefer MIT, CMU and/or Berkeley. Then as soon as you visit, make certain to ask how each ingredient of your curriculum aligns with what the huge guys teach. For places in which lock deviate, they should be able to give girlfriend a satisfactory explanation for why the deviate.ABET accreditation is not the best indicator the a an excellent CS program, since it is too wide in the requirements. It is why I suggest looking in ~ the colleges that are known to have actually a strong CS curriculum, and doing a straight comparison.There are three core locations of CS — Theory, Systems and also AI, and ideally lock should have actually an professional in each of those 3 areas to teach process in those areas. That’s about as much as you deserve to expect indigenous an LAC. The situations that space not so great is if they have actually all Systems people on your faculty, but no concept people, or vice-versa.

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need to colleges expropriate students with high check scores or students with solid extracurricular backgrounds


Most colleges desire students v both an excellent test scores andstrong extracurricular backgrounds.




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