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The Gang of 2003

The Gang on the stage!

Without the 'on stage' Gang, the Show wouldn't be a Gang Show! It's the group of Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Explorer Scouts, Scout Network, Senior Section Guides and adult leaders who make Gang Show what it is.

Anyone can make a show, but only Scouts and Guides can make a Gang Show!

View the photo full size (123kb).
The Gang of 2003
Dan Ashmole
Michael Ashmole
James Atherton
Louisa Barrett
Richard Bartniczek
Jack Beattie
Alistair Birss
Mark Boni
Carlie Borthwick
Jeri Bremner
Robbie Campbell
Christopher Card
Rory Cartwright-Taylor
James Cassie
Michael Chadha
Struan Charters
Sinead Coffield
Donald Craig
Helen Cromarty
Katie Cumming
Sandy Denholm
Samantha Devlin
Christina Eden
Graham Eden
Rachel Eden
Alan Ewen
Mairi Fenton
Alana Finlayson
Catriona Finlayson
Angus Forbes
Heather Forbes
Frank Fraser
Sharon Fraser
Dianne Fryer
Beth Fuller
Patrick Fuller
Kirsty Fullerton
Johnnie Gallacher
Tom Gallacher
Jamie Gasking
Bethan Goodwin
Brendan Goodwin
Andrew Grace
Donald Graham
Alan Grant
Matthew Green
Niall Hamilton
Morna Harding
Grace Hart
Lauren Hills
Natalie Hood
Erin Hunter
Daniel Hutt
Ben Iredale
Lisa Jack
Andrew Jarvie
Brenda Johnston
Laura Johnstone
David Laing
Stuart Laing
Daniel Lamond
Russell Lees
David MacDonald
Fraser MacDonald
Iain MacDonald
Mark MacDonald
Kathryn Macgill
Cameron Mackenzie
Jenny Mackenzie
Lisa Mackenzie
Campbell Mackintosh
Andrew Maclean
Donald Macleod
Ewen Macrae
Finlay Macrae
Callum Martin
Hope McDonald
Calum McLennan
Adam McMaster
Arran McMaster
Joanna Morrison
David Morton
Laura Mould
Norma Mullen
Douglas Munro
Kathleen Murray
Michael Nelson
Andrew Newton
Jamie Nolan
Stephen Oates
Matthew Ogg
Pat Oliver
Buster Osborn-Jones
Keith Pratt
Heather Preece
Claire Ross
Shiobhan Rushforth
Eileen Russel
Michael Shanks
Amy Slater
Hannah Slater
Gavin Smith
Elizabeth Spence
Diane Stark
Ruairidh Stark
Scott Sturrock
Steven Sturrock
Jamie Sutherland
David Thom
Hannah Thom
Rachel Thom
Andrew Thursby
Mitchell Watson
Douglas Watt
Karen Watt
Lisa Watt
Shirley Watt
Emma White
Elaine Williamson
Rebecca Williamson
Calum Wilson
Greg Wilson
Daniel Woodley
Keith Woodley


The Gang of 2003

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The Gang On the Stage!
The Gang Off the Stage!
The Gang Under the Stage!


The 2003 Anniversary Show.
The 2003 Production Team.

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