I'm additionally trying to unlock the remainder of the stages. I've looked about on the web for some info but can't find any..shockingly.

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I discovered one ~ above Kongo jungle N64. Yet the only thing is states I need to hit 1300+ on house Run Contest..I've gained 1209..but can't acquire passed that.

They say the easiest way is to usage Yoshi's flutter. Yet I suck at short hopping..

Any way..

Anyone recognize who to unlock the remainder of the that the stages because that Melee?

Also. Just how do I acquire Mewtwo?


Mewtwo needs a particular amount of pat time in versus. Start a one stock enhance with one idle controller vs the personality you want to struggle Mewtwo with. Leaving it on, no PAUSED, all night. Then take the share the next morning. Struggle Mewtwo, then bingo bango bongo, he's unlocked.

To gain G&W, beat standard or adventure mode with every various other character. Unlocking G&W provides you All-Star Mode, beat All-Star setting with anyone except for G&W(He unlocks level Zone).

And lastly, last fucking Destination. This one's a real pain. Beat all 50 challenges to unlock occasion 51. Then open up up a deserve to of whoop ass top top Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and Giga Bowser at the same time. Actually, it's really straightforward with Jigglypuff's rest.

Addon come the every night versus- rotate OFF ITEMS, they'll death you an hour or therefore in and you'll it is in sad.

ninja edit: Mewtwo calls for 20 hours time for versus play.

Final location was a ache in the ass. It still take it me around twenty tries with Jiggs. Fucking Ganondorf and also his grabbing moves, messing me up through Rest's endlag.

It's fairly easy to death Giga Bowser, actually, since he's so huge and hence is basic to hit and also flies over the blast line quickly. Two Rests will complete him off, varying by one top top luck and also spacing. I'm sure there's any kind of easier means than two Rests, but I'd usually an are them to death Mewtwo and/or Ganondorf as well and also so the wasn't too bad. I couldn't use anything however Rest successfully enough come rack up sufficient damage.

I discover it's simpler to to win target test through every character, as opposed come classic/adventure for unlocking G&W. It at least takes much less time.

I beat occasion 51 pretty conveniently with Marth as well. Just charge fsmashes and wait because that them come walk best in. Could throw in a few fairs as well. Or simply a charged B.

Here's aid with the residence run contest:

Pick Ganondorf. Choose up the bat first. Increase smash, then down air. Then save using under air until you need to use the bat.

For every the stages, you need to have every the characters first. You need to beat every one of the occasions to unlock FD, and some of them unlock ~ you gain G&W, so acquire on the first.

For Mewtwo: plug in as numerous controllers together you have, start a Vs. Enhance with all 4 human players (or 2, whatever) through no time limit and also leave your Gamecube top top overnight. After the match you'll acquire a Mewtwo challenge.

After that, simply beat the target test v all the characters and you'll obtain the G&W challenge.

As because that the HRC, my just advice is simply get better at brief hopping lol. It's really not challenging to master. I'd say you need around 110-130% to add a tipper smash v the bat for 1300 feet w/ Yoshi.

Good luck!

Kongo jungle 64 is actually unlocked by completing the 15-min multi male melee. Simply spam DK‘s under B.

Yoshi‘s Island 64 is unlocked by having 1400 yrds in Home-Run challenge IIRC

Dreamland 64 is unlocked through completing event 37

Final location is unlocked after beating occasion 51

Battlefield is unlocked after ~ beating the All-Star Mode

Mewtwo is unlocked after playing a compiled vs time the 20 hours. Just plug 4 controllers in and play a five hours game, or play 700 matches.

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G&W is unlocked ~ beating classic Mode, Adventure setting or Target Test with every various other character. Or you can play 1000 matches.